Facebook Advertising Active is expected to start, but your ad is not working? Recently, due to the tightening of facebook’s advertising policy and the fact. That the advertising algorithm supports the mongolian language. There China Phone Number List have been a number of issues such as facebook advertising not being approved. Therefore, in this article, we aim to explain the most common reasons for this. Why isn’t facebook advertising reaching people? Reasons for not advertising.  If you set an advertising budget limit on your ad account.

Why Isn’t Facebook Advertising Reaching People

Update your promotional account spending limits. You can update this setting in the Ads Manager – Billing – Payment Settings – Set Your Account Spending Limit field. Reasons for not running the ad: At the Ad Set level China Phone Number  Advertising Expiration Time: Facebook will stop advertising when the time you set the ad is set. If you want to continue your campaign, just extend it. Solution: Update the Ad Set section of the ad. The promotion will not start until the set time. Solution: If you want to start your ad right now, reschedule it and start right away.

Reasons for Not Advertising at the Campaign Level

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Also, if you make too many criteria and choices when choosing your advertising target audience, the coverage of your advertising target audience will decrease even more. This may be the reason why your ad is not reaching many people. Solution: 1. In the Ad Set Targeting section, remove unnecessary options and criteria and eliminate duplication. 2. Also try changing the purpose of the promotion to Reach in the Awareness section.

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