We can see that it is an advertisement with the small mention Sponsored . but it does not look like an advertisement at all. I also did the test by competing an ad with an image I created in just a few minutes on Canva and an ad with an image created by a graphic designer. Here is the advertisement with the less worked image. Now here is the ad with a much more polished image. The ad text and the image value proposition The Facebook Advertising Guide remain the same in both ads. The results ? Facebook didn’t like my second ad so much Airbnb also advertises by showing the incredible experience of renting accommodation through their hosts. Airbnb probably found this image on a royalty-free stock image bank… or maybe not! Maybe this photo was taken.

Business is run by humans. And humans are on Facebook. In any case, that’s what the latest figures from Facebook’s quarterly report tell me. 2.3 billion people connect to Facebook every month! Among these 2.3 billion people, the Finland Phone Number List decision-makers of a company are certainly present there. According to the Social Media Examiner’s annual report on business use of social media, 48% of B2B marketers surveyed say Facebook remains their most important social platform in 2019, compared to LinkedIn 30%. In addition, it is quite possible to target professionals on Facebook. There are dozens of ways to target them by level of education, position, employer.


Example Of Sequential Retargeting

You have a good reason to reduce the size of your audiences, work with larger audiences in size for your campaigns with the goals of conversions, catalog sales or lead generation If you’re running out of ideas for targeting your Facebook ads, read this article 12 Facebook Audiences To Test To Improve Your Campaign Results . Myth 5 You need professional images and videos to advertise Facebook Yes, but not always! Sure, professional images and videos can increase clicks and conversions on your ads, but that doesn’t mean they’re must-have. Remember that Facebook is a social network. And when an ad looks like a regular post, with eye-catching, but not overly selling text, and an image video that looks normal, people almost forget.

You can target professionals according to their interests. For example, if you come up with a revolutionary new tool to manage all of a company’s social accounts in a single platform, you could target people who Like the Facebook Pages of other companies that offer a similar eg Buffer or related eg MailChimp solution Are interested in social media marketing less specific, but you know Facebook prefers large audiences! Lately, you can even target Small Business Owners SMBs and Facebook Pages Admins. In addition, you can choose to target Facebook Pages administrators according to the category of their Facebook Page restaurant, retail, health and beauty.

Who Have Added Products

We can see that even large companies like Airbnb allow themselves to illustrate their advertisements with normal images. Also note that there are many free tools like Canva or Crello to retouch images, add text or other effects. Your New Reality Professional images and videos aren’t a must for Facebook advertising. Some ads perform better with less polished photos and videos. Need more tools to create professional images and videos? Read this article Facebook Advertising 6 Free Tools That Will Save You Time And Money . Myth 6 Facebook advertising doesn’t work in B2B It is also an objection that comes up often. When you are a company that offers products or services for other companies, you wrongly think that Facebook is not the right platform to advertise . I wonder why.


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