I can’t count the number of people who ask me how I make my animated videos! As an alternative, I also recommend Lumen5. The advantage of Lumen5 over Animoto is that it specializes in creating videos from blog posts. The software integrates automatic text and image suggestions to add to your video based on the content of your article. Finally, there is also the Promo software which is starting to make itself known. I discovered it on Buffer’s blog . Like Animoto, it allows you to make animated videos quickly and easily. In addition, Promo contains a huge library of images and video clips that you can integrate into your video, which Animoto does not yet offer. All of these benefits come at a cost. The first plan costs $ 29 per month! Some tips if you decide to create this type of videos Make short videos max. 60 seconds.

Grab attention for the first 3 seconds , otherwise the user will skip to the next post in their news feed. Go straight to the post and turn your video like a little story when you can. Choose the square format . The square format takes up 78% more space in the Facebook news feed. 3 Take quotes from your content Are you using quotes in your social media content strategy? Quotes are a simple and effective way to Slovenia WhatsApp Number List share useful, inspiring, or educational content without spending a lot of time on it. Obviously, you’re not going to make up these quotes or copy quotes from other content creators. You’re going to create your own quotes from what you’ve said in a blog post, video, or podcast. Quotes work more or less well on all social networks because they are micro-content that is consumed quickly.

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On Instagram, they are very popular On Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, they are less common, but can harvest engagement if they are accompanied by a good hook. Today, I see more and more content creators reposting quotes on LinkedIn. In this example, Brice Pellerin contented himself with writing a quote based on an episode of his CHILL podcast. A smple and effective way to get people talking about the episode. Gary Vaynerchuk also posts quotes on LinkedIn with original artwork. Of course, it’s not Gary Vaynerchuk, himself, who is shaping the quote, but a member of his team who is probably dedicated to picking up the best punchlines from his daily lectures or vlogs. The Hubspot company also regularly republishes statistics from its blog on Instagram and then argues in the caption of the post.

After all, that’s what Hubspot followers are looking for to be educated. And we can see that the commitment is there! Neil Patel also uses Instagram to regularly post quotes from his content or lectures. As you can see, there are different ways to retrieve and repost quotes from your content. With tools like Canva , Adobe Spark, or Crello , you can save multiple reusable quote templates! 4 Cut live video into multiple parts Producing live video is perhaps the best experience you can give your followers on social media. For a long time, they have the opportunity to interact with you live . It was not possible 5 years ago. Today, it has become common. But, how do you reuse a live video that is finished? You can give it additional visibility by sponsoring it .

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You give Facebook a few dollars to deliver it to an audience after the show is over. The problem is, you have to pay for this extra visibility. Fortunately, you can otherwise reuse a completed live broadcast. It’s even free. The solution, you guessed it, is to grab the video and cut it into multiple pieces . You can very easily download a Facebook video from such a site and then edit it with free software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. The important thing, of course, is to create video clips of 2 to 10 minutes on a very specific topic being discussed live. For example, when I invited Joseph Donyo on Live Facebook, Joseph gave listeners 4 tips for optimizing a Facebook advertising campaign . I found it interesting. So a few weeks later, I uploaded the video, grabbed that part, and reposted it on Facebook and LinkedIn

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