Facebook 360 photos allows marketers to present their products, services, industries, locations, and interiors to their. Customers in a more interesting way than a regular photo post. On june 9, 2016, facebook officially announced its support for 360 photos. Since then, facebook has automatically recognized. 360 images or panoramas as 360 images, making it easier for users to rotate and rotate them. However, in order to recognize your photo as a facebook 360 photo. Special metadata is searched for in that photo, and a camera photo taken with. A camera or a mobile photo taken for 360 photos contains this metadata. Therefore, Facebook automatically recognizes these photos as 360 photos.

There Are Several Ways to Prepare 360 ​​photos

But how do we prepare this kind of picture ourselves? Facebook 360 photos there are several ways to prepare 360 ​​photos. The easiest way is to take a photo of the pano on your iphone or samsung galaxy. Take Pakistan Phone Number 360 ​​photos using street view or the google. Camera app take 360 ​​photos using dedicated 360 cameras such as samsung gear 360. Ricoh theta s, 360fly, giroptic 360 cam, allie cameratake prepare 360 ​​images using a ready-made photoshop. Template file with a given metadata360 images taken with a dedicated professional. Camera are of high quality and can be used to create. Stunning images that show the full 360 degrees around them. However, such cameras are expensive and not available to everyone.

How to Easily Create 360 ​​images Using a Photoshop

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So we have prepared and delivered an article on how to create an amazing post like 360 ​​images below using a Photoshop template-ready file with the metadata. (Click on image to view 360 images.)How to easily create 360 ​​images using a Photoshop template file with given metadata? The 360 ​​images above were prepared using a ready-made Photoshop template file. You can also create exactly 360 images like this: For what purpose to use 360 ​​images and to prepare the corresponding design. Download Photoshop template file for Facebook 360 TV. The download link is below. There are several different models with their own characteristics, so choose the one that suits you best.

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