At the beginning of each year, mark Zuckerberg announces his goals for the year, both personally and as a company. For 2018, his goal was to ” make every time he spends on Facebook more productive.” but what exactly does this mean for consumers? The information posted on Facebook on January 11, 2018seemed to answer. In this announcement, Facebook announced a major change in the order in which users appear in the news feed. The updated algorithm will focus on interpersonal communication. With posts, shares, and comments from the Mexico Phone Number List user’s friends and family coming first. This seems to be the first time that page has been officially acknowledged. The declining position of facebook users in the news feed. Especially in news and posts from businesses and the media.

How Does This Affect Page Pages and Public

Although there is no clear information on what changes are taking place, as in the previous algorithm changes, it is clear that the decline in organic page access — reach – has intensified in recent years. The Mexico Phone Number information released by Facebook on January 11, 2018, is summarized below. Take a look at adam Mosseri, facebook’s news feed director. Facebook live video on this topic:  Facebook’s goal is to bring people closer and build relationships between them. One of the things we’ve done for this purpose is to allow people to stay in touch through the posts of their friends and family on their news feed.

If the Page Post Is Set to Be the First to Be Viewed

In the near future, we plan to make changes that will allow people to better communicate with their people. Mark explains this in the following post: What will change? To this day, we publish People’s posts in the news. Feed-in order of how many people like, comment, and share. But with this new change, the post creates more dialogue. Between people will also be highlighted. To do this, we will determine which post you would like to share . With your friends and establish a relationship with, and we will be. The first to post such a post in your news feed. There will be posts that ask for advice from a friend, questions about travel, or the most talked-about news and videos. Among your friends that you want to share with your loved ones and create a two-way conversation.

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