If you’re like me, you always have your phone handy in case you have an important call to take. In the end, you switch between devices dozens of times an hour, which naturally decreases our attention span. By knowing this, you are compelled (as a business) to use video to grab and hold the attention of your ideal customer. You’re there to do business, but if no one notices you, you won’t be doing business with anyone! This is the role of video: to grab attention and hold it. We have already talked about the fact that Internet users want to Spain Email List see video on the Internet. Did you know that the “average” user spends an average of 88% more time on a website that contains videos? This statistic alone is enough to prove just how more engaging video content is for most of us.

It’s probably related to the fact that we remember 95% of a post when we watch it in a video, whereas we remember 10% of that same post if we read it as Forbes explains . So don’t be surprised to see more and more brands embedding videos on their home pages , landing pages and product pages on their website. This is what Wistia does to convince you to make video (and host it through their business video hosting services). Best Goods explains in this 54 second video how its 100% commission network works (and how it is possible). Earning 100% of your commissions when you are a real estate agent is hard to believe. The founder of Meilleur Biens explains it simply in this video.

Spain Email List
Spain Email List

That Internet users want to see video on the Internet

In a way, he also earns your trust by showing you the 100% digital interface they offer to their agents. Fitbit is one of the brands that makes great use of video to showcase its smartwatches and smart scales. More than once, I have been convinced to buy a gadget from their site, probably because EVERY product page has a video that tells me in just a minute why I should buy it. Video not only helps grab and hold the attention of your target customer, it also helps increase your conversion rates. This is precisely what I was going to tell you about in the next point. Video conversion rates are higher Today, competition on the Internet is reaching new heights. Most social networks are saturated.

The competition in the search results on Google is enormous. The cost of advertising is increasing every year. In other words, it’s harder to get traffic to your website than it was a few years ago. Faced with this reality, you have no choice but to increase the conversion rates of your website . It is for this reason that I am constantly improving my website and testing new ways of collecting emails. This insert that you see in this screenshot has already allowed me to capture almost 1000 email addresses since it was on my site (a little over 3 weeks at the time of this writing). I’m sure my little insert would work even better if I included a video in it, rather than a photo of myself! What makes me say that? Video has a definite impact on lead generation (collection of email addresses).

A gadget from their site

In a study conducted by Wyzowl, 81% of marketers surveyed said loud and clear that video helped them generate leads and according to OptinMonster , marketers who use video get 66% more qualified leads per year . This quantitative and qualitative increase in the leads generated is surely explained by the educational power of video. Videos make it easier for your site visitors to learn about your business and what you offer, not to mention that video makes it easier for you to gain their trust. On social networks, video is also more effective in finding customers. Animoto explains in a study conducted on 500 marketers that 80% of them say they are satisfied with the ROI of the video ads they have posted on social networks.

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