For example, you can increase the size of a similar audience of your buyers from a percentage of 1% of the country’s population to 2%. This will still double the size of your audience. The 2nd percent of your Lookalike Audience will add people who look like your customers, but a little less than the 1st percent. This does not mean that your performance will be worse, you will be surprised at the volume of additional results you could get by targeting a larger audience at the same budget. Although I cannot guarantee that your results will be better, I am clearly urging you to take the test. For interest-based audiences, you can also expand them by adding related interests to existing ones.

For example, if you target only people who are interested in “Elle Decor”, you could add related interests (eg: other magazines close to “Elle Decor”) based on Facebook suggestions. For hot and super hot targeting, I really invite you to Bolivia Email List look at your custom audience size and time frame: Are there less than 1000 or 2000 people in your audience? Does your retargeting window last less than 15 days? If you are in one of these 2 cases (or both), I advise you to remedy it by extending the retargeting window (eg: going from 15 to 30 days or even from 30 to 45 days). The goal is to expand your audience. Don’t be afraid to leave the most basic retargeting options like “all website visitors” or expand.

Bolivia Email List
Bolivia Email List

Than people in your audience?

The time frame, Facebook’s algorithm will sort it out showing your ads to the people most likely to convert on. your website. 4) Fight advertising fatigue with a new offer Maybe while reading this article, you tell yourself that you’ve already tried all of my tactics to fight ad fatigue and it hasn’t worked that much, at least not in the long run. So I have a question for you. Have you tried changing your offer? Your offer is the reason for your advertising. Why are you asking for the attention of Facebook and Instagram users? What do you give them in return for their time, money, or contact information? Take my example. I offer a free guide to Facebook advertising . You’ve probably seen this guide on my site’s sidebar, at the end of my blog posts, or in advertising.

For now, the people I target on Facebook don’t necessarily get bored of it, but they could be (even more) interested in another offer like: A checklist Free training on Facebook advertising in video format A series of emails A free challenge … I’m trying to tell you that showing the same offer all year round in your ads may tire your audience … especially if you spend large budgets on Facebook and if your market is small. Vary your offers throughout the year or experiment with different campaigns with different offers to see which ones allow you to maximize your conversions. This is what Dollar Shave Club does. They spend millions of dollars on advertising and constantly come up with something different in their ads.

Facebook and Instagram users?

Most often, you will see a introductory offer (the first pack at $ 5), but also quizzes that aim to capture your contact information and then sell you starters pack at $ 5 … The simple fact of changing the products you are promoting or your collection also constitutes a change of offer. This is also why brands like Sézane constantly show you different pieces from their new collection. Until recently, I was amazed when I saw this HelloFresh ad. 50 € offered for my first box! Rarely have I seen such great offers, and I have no recollection of HelloFresh having made such great offers before (I might be wrong). Several times, I clicked on these ads to find out more about the offer… and yet, it had been months since I had seen their ads pass through my Facebook news feed.

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