Reduce your media budget to combat advertising fatigue The last method to combat advertising fatigue is by far the most obvious … and ultimately the most forgotten. It is to decrease your budget. The more money you invest in Facebook advertising, the more people you will reach. This means that if your audiences are small in size, especially in remarketing or in a local perimeter , you don’t need to spend a large budget to reach these people. If you give Facebook too much daily budget for a small audience, you simply run the risk of it running your ads as much as possible to spend your entire budget. In such a scenario, the number of impressions (number of times your ads are seen) greatly exceeds the coverage (number of people reached), which implies that those affected will get bored of your ads very quickly.

On the other hand, if you invest a smaller budget, Facebook will show your ads less often to the people you are targeting. You thus limit the risk of advertising fatigue. I therefore recommend that you set a daily budget that will allow you not to Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List exceed a repetition of 3 or 4x per person over a period of 7 days. For certain campaign objectives such as the “coverage” objective, Facebook even lets you set a repetition limit (eg: 1 impression every 3 days). This allows you to control repetition… and advertising fatigue. The “coverage” objective is advisable if you are targeting very small audiences in size. Conclusion Hope you took at least one thing from this article. It is inconceivable to start a Facebook (or Instagram) advertising campaign and then forget about it.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List
Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List

Facebook even lets you set a repetition limit

You need to adjust your campaign regularly to combat the advertising fatigue that will eventually take effect. In some cases and for certain campaign objectives, advertising fatigue manifests itself later (after several weeks). We have seen that several factors such as budget, audience size and the number of ads affect the ad fatigue effect.You might not know it, but Facebook wants you good. Whether you are a simple user or an advertiser on Facebook’s platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp), Facebook wants you to have the best possible experience, from every point of view. As an advertiser, of course, I’m talking about maximizing your income and ROI even when you increase your advertising investments. After all, if your Facebook ads are profitable, why would you look elsewhere?

This is the goal of Facebook Power5 that I will present to you today. You might have guessed it from the title of this article, the Facebook Power5 represents the 5 automation-based advertising tactics: Optimization of the campaign budget Simplification of the advertising account Automatic placements Advanced automatic matching Dynamic ads They are not just any. I’m talking about strategies that Facebook recommends using if you are an advertiser looking for performance in their campaigns. They don’t just apply to advertisers who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the platform, but to any type of advertiser who runs direct response ads. Facebook has developed its tactics because they allow it to make the most of its increasingly intelligent algorithm. You may remember the days when you were desperate to hack the algorithm to find that well-defined audience that made you the most money.

Facebook wants you to have the best possible experience

The goal was to identify the most profitable audiences (sets of ads) and move up a gear by increasing the budget. The problem with this method is that it took you time to set up and manage day to day. You spent more time increasing and decreasing your budgets and (re) launching audiences than focusing on the essential: your strategy and your advertising . Good news, you never have to do this again . The Facebook advertising game has changed and I am writing this article to let you know that there are new rules you can implement now to get much bigger results on your campaigns while spending less time on them . It’s not just my promise, but Facebook’s as well.

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