If you are inspired, you can also turn a picture into a video with Facebook’s video maker kit . More experienced advertisers also vary the format of their Facebook and Instagram ads between: Unique image The video The carousel The Story This is what Qonto does … And if you are pretty good at writing and inspired, I also recommend that you try out several variations of the same ad with a different angle of approach. For example, my Facebook retargeting ads always start with this hook: “Interested in Facebook advertising? Download for free… » Why not try a hook like this: “ More than 80 million SMEs are present on Facebook, but only 7 million of them advertise on Facebook. I let you imagine the business opportunity … Download for free… » It’s a whole different way to grab the attention of my target audience.

Rather than asking a question, I start my hook with a shocking statement. Don’t neglect the copywriting of your Facebook ads . In general, your ad copy is very important when you are doing lead generation. On the Western Sahara Email List other hand, when you sell consumer products, you should rather focus on the purely visual aspect of your advertising. 2) Fight advertising fatigue by targeting new audiences Another effective and common way to combat ad fatigue is to target new audiences. Your advertising objective and your ads remain the same, but the target audiences differ. As in the previous point, I recommend that you both: Let several sets of advertisements (audiences) run continuously in the same campaign in order to let.

Western Sahara Email List
Western Sahara Email List

The target audiences differ

Facebook optimize the delivery of your advertisements to audiences, thereby reducing your acquisition cost ( optimization of the campaign budget ) Refresh ad sets on a regular basis (e.g. every 10 days), while eliminating audiences that generate fewer clicks and conversions To target a new audience, you need to launch a new set of ads. You then just have to select the set of advertisements (audience) in your campaign which suffers from advertising fatigue, deactivate it and duplicate it while leaving the option “Show existing reactions, comments and shares on new advertisements” checked. Then adjust targeting in the new ad set and leave other options (like bidding and placements) unchanged. Then click on “Publish”. Ultimately, you’ll target a new audience with the same ads that were in the failed ad set, while retaining the reactions, comments, and shares on the ads.

Regarding the new audiences you should target, unfortunately I don’t have a ready-made answer because it all depends on your campaign and its role in your conversion funnel. If this is a customer acquisition campaign, you could test new interests or similar audiences . If it is a remarketing campaign , there are many targeting possibilities between visitors to your website, videos viewed, interactions on Facebook and Instagram, people subscribed to your newsletter, etc. Generally, you will not change the structure of your remarketing campaigns very much because there are always new people arriving in your Custom Audiences and others who leave them since your Custom Audiences are based on a period of time (ex. : 30 days).

Interactions on Facebook and Instagram

This does not prevent you from having to refresh your advertisements regularly, especially in remarketing! 3) Fight advertising fatigue by expanding your audience Sometimes advertising fatigue can be the result of too fine (restricted) targeting. As a result, you quickly saturate your audience because the number of people you can reach with your budget is limited. That’s why you should expand audiences that offered you conversions but are running out of steam due to ad fatigue. As seen previously, depending on the temperature of the traffic, you will expand your audiences differently. For cold targeting (similar audiences and interests), you can try to grow your audience if you feel they are running out of steam. It is therefore a question of increasing the size of the audience, without changing the source.

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