You can identify ad fatigue quite easily by analyzing repeat for an ad set or ad. Repetition is an indicator that estimates the average number of times each person has seen your ad. As a general rule, the more this number increases, the more your ad performance tends to decrease. After analyzing 500 Facebook ad campaigns, AdEspresso observed a strong correlation between repeat, click-through rate and cost per click (CPC). An increase in repetition causes a decrease in the click-through rate and therefore a higher CPC (cost per click). Your advertising is therefore costing you more! And if the click on a link costs more, then your acquisition costs increase and the ROAS of your campaigns decreases.

On the right side, you can see the metrics for your current report. We are going to modify this overview, remove unnecessary indicators and add the indicators that I presented to you. I recommend that you select the Turks and Caicos Islands Email List indicators for your report in this order: Budget Results Blanket Impressions Repetition Cost per outcome Amount spent CPC (click on a link) CTR (link click-through rate) CPM (cost per thousand impressions) Clicks on a link Landing page views Purchases / Prospects Cost per purchase / Cost per prospect Conversion value of purchases ROAS of purchases You just need to find each of the indicators and drag them to the column to your right. For example, if I search for the keyword “purchase” in the search bar, Facebook gives me the metrics I need from total number of purchases, conversion value of purchases, and cost per purchase.

Turks and Caicos Islands Email List
Turks and Caicos Islands Email List

We are going to modify this overview

As I told you at the start of this article, ad fatigue is a real problem for advertisers (perhaps the worst). Fortunately, this is a problem for which there is more than one solution. In this article, I suggest you first discover how to detect the impact of ad fatigue on the performance of your Facebook and Instagram ads. Next, we’ll take a look at 5 proven methods to effectively combat ad fatigue on Facebook and Instagram. I specify that these methods are universal. You can therefore apply them to any advertising network. How to detect the impact of ad fatigue on the performance of Facebook and Instagram ads? So it’s the increase in repetition (the average number of times a user sees your ad) that causes ad fatigue.

Is the cost per result increasing day by day? Does the ROAS decrease over the days? If you answered “no” to each of these questions, you do not have symptoms of advertising fatigue … as is the case in this example. After all, the repeat is “only” 2 in a 7 day period, which is far from alarming. If you see a drop in click-through rate, an increase in costs per result and a decrease in ROAS, you are surely facing the phenomenon of advertising fatigue that I described to you. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to fix it later in this article. Note: You can do this analysis at both the ad set and ad set level, especially if you have many active ads per ad set. Are your Facebook advertising campaigns perfectly optimized ?

The ROAS decrease over the days?

Each targeted person will be exposed to different ads depending on their preferences and the likelihood of doing the action I’m looking for. Since I’m a little lazy with my ads, I just change the creative content of ads every 30 or 60 days. And each time, I see my results increase strongly with the change of creative content. To do the same thing, all you need to do is duplicate an ad one or more times within an existing ad set. At that point, you have the choice … You can run multiple versions of the same ad, the only difference being that the image is different , like Hootsuite does. In this example, played with the color of the image. You can of course imagine totally different images. If you are not very creative, I invite you to consult the Facebook advertising library and consult the advertisements of your competitors..

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