This can be understood because the benefits of being a host at Airbnb are quite easy to imagine more money, quick payments, etc. Now take a look at the Swello software homepage and how they promote the benefits of their social media post scheduler. They know their customers very well and know that what interests them most is being able to schedule posts quickly and generate a large number of interactions on each post. If you offer ebooks or white papers like me. Explain to your landing page visitors what they will learn after consuming your free resource Don’t go overboard with the profits. Sometimes giving too much information can confuse the reader. I advise you to select 3 or 4 and simply highlight them with text and images, or bullet lists.

If you are a blogger, maybe all you need is the first name and email address to subscribe to your newsletter. If you are a real estate agency, you will obviously ask for other information than the first name and email address. In this case, you will probably ask for the Belarus WhatsApp Number List phone number, the property for sale house, apartment, etc. and when you want to sell. Every business is different. 4 Detail the benefits After giving your value proposition and presenting your call to action, you should list all the benefits of your offer what does the person gain?. On landing pages, they are expressed in different ways Bulleted lists A video Mini-sections Image + Text. Let us take a few examples. On the Airbnb landing page the one I showed you at the start of this article, the benefits are highlighted without any illustration.

There Are Several Ways To Do This

Your turn to try ! Finally, your call to action should use strong words that… call to action. This is why you will often see buttons with the following text Download my free guide Try for free Register now Start today Etc. I explain in detail how to create effective calls to action in this article . 3 Create your form Without it, no email. The form should always appear above the waterline . It should be directly visible so that your visitors do not have to scroll down to see your form. Remember that the more information your form asks for phone number, company name, position, etc., the more qualified prospects you will have for your offers. You may also have less, but they will be more qualified. It’s up to you to find the right balance.

This is what Unbounce does using the language that web marketers use every day. 2 write your call to action The call to action must be sufficiently highlighted on your landing page, both in size and color . This is what we see on this Drip landing page , the background is dark blue and the call to action is very large and on an orange background. Impossible not to see him. In addition, it is repeated 4 times on the entire page. As you can see on the Drip landing page, there is no form, only a call to action. It is only by clicking on the button that you access the form to give your contact information. So you have two choices, either use a form and a call to action below like in the example below, or use a two-step process with a call to action that redirects to a form like Drip .

Write Short Texts When Possible

The title not only gives the name of the ebook, it also tells us that it is free . And if you want to learn how to write captivating titles for your content or your landing pages, read this article from my blog . The subtitle Continuing on from the title, the subtitle should explain the offer in a bit more detail and why your visitors should register or download the offer. That’s why I told you that the title and the subtitle must both communicate your value proposition. Look again at the Unbounce home page. Unbounce not only provides a tool to create personalized landing pages, but also, and above all, to obtain more conversions on our website , which makes its offer unique in the market. When creating your web pages, always think about the language commonly used by your ideal customer .

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