Face the light If you’ve ever filmed yourself, you already know this rule of thumb. Don’t shoot yourself with the light from behind or from one side, like in this video where my face has two colors. Instead, film yourself in front of the light . In this screenshot, I’m not facing the light, but across the room. Look at the difference. Ideally, you should face the light for better picture quality. 2) Film horizontally During my first Live there in 2018, I made all kinds of mistakes! Among these mistakes, I made that of filming the video vertically. It must be said that it was easier for us. But, observe the problem when you are at 2. We are cut off! Ouch, it’s not very professional. Even for the user, it is not the best experience.

If you are filming with your phone or tablet, use a slide show instead (horizontal view). In the news feed, too, the video will look more professional and be more enjoyable to watch. Obviously, you will need a tripod to Mexico Email List hold your phone. An unstable video is also very unpleasant for those who watch. On Amazon , you can find some really inexpensive tripods that are sure to do the trick. 3) Think about an attractive subject and format for your Live Facebook How not to approach the theme of your show? It is she who will attract spectators. If you want to talk about all or nothing, no one will come. There are several ways to choose an attractive topic for your Facebook Live.

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Where are you going to film?

The best advice I can give you is to rethink the questions you frequently receive from your clients. What are their problems (related to your product / service)? What results or goals do they want to achieve? How can you help them get what they want? And finally, what makes them talk now? By answering these questions (or asking them directly to your customers), you should have a dozen or so topics on hand for your Facebook Lives. And if you still don’t have any ideas, read this my blog post for some content ideas . After you’ve thought about your show, now think about the format of your live show on Facebook. Are you going to organize your Facebook Live in the form of a Q&A (questions / answers) or a face camera? Are you going to bring in other people?

Think about all of that before you do your next Facebook Live show. If that helps, I’ve listed a few ideas and formats I’ve thought of for your next show: Interview an expert or an influencer Present a new product Show product design live Give tutorials / advice to use your products or master a skill Talk about a trendy topic that directly concerns your industry ( newsjacking ) Create a weekly show (introduce a topic and then answer questions) Do a Live Q&A (prepare a few questions that you can answer) Offer a guided tour of your business 4) Live stream your video for at least 10 minutes As soon as you start streaming your video live on Facebook, you slowly but surely appear in users’ news feed.

How long will your show last?

As you might expect, the longer your show lasts, the more likely your viewers are to see your video and share it with their friends, especially when likes, comments, and shares multiply. This then creates a snowball effect. The more users who log into your Facebook Live, the more chances you have for them to comment on and share your video (if your show is interesting), which will attract other people who probably don’t know you. (again). That’s why I advise you to stay live for at least 10 minutes , although it is possible to stay live for more than 2 hours for each video! To know the ideal length of a live video for YOUR case, do not hesitate to analyze the statistics of several Facebook Live shows that you have already launched.

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