Extra toepasselijk want het is vandaag worldoralhealthday Ik ging in gesprek met Ayurveda Health Coach Kim Geerts over wat deze eeuwenoude geneeswijze erover te zeggen heeft, deel 3 top tips (plus een bonus tip voor ouders) van mijn mondhygiëniste als Marie-Anne van Lexmond en kers op de taart hebben we ook een fantastische tandenpoets meditatie opgenomen. Geloof me, heerlijk om te doen. Niet alleen om je dag te starten maar ook mee af te sluiten terwijl je extra goed je tanden poetst. Win win. colgateSmileForGood GreenSmile colgatenderland A post shared by Nina Pierson (ninapierson) onMar 20, 2020 at 9:15 am PDT Also, the one that returns to the fundamentals of storytelling with real creative content that highlights the values of the brand and no longer just the products.

Thanks to a good content strategy and particularly well-worked positioning, you can ensure that you have a continuous flow of customers through this network. This is great news for all those who do not have the soul of a Italy Email List commercial, oi for whom these techniques simply do not work anymore. This network is fascinating, and there are many professions that can position themselves there and obtain results quickly. I see it with all my clients: regardless of their sector of activity or their profession, if their target is present on LinkedIN, the return on investment is impressive! It’s all about strategy, so work on it seriously up front. It is also necessary to understand the codes of this network in depth, because they are numerous.

Italy Email List
Italy Email List

There and obtain results quickly

From 2007 to 2013, Poo ~ Pourri grew into a multi-million dollar business thanks to a Youtube Ads ad that generated a buzz. Chances are you at least recognize Poo ~ Pourri from her viral YouTube music video, ” Girls Don’t Poo .” In his first week online, he had over 278,000 shares, meaning about one in 22 viewers shared the clip. Why am I giving you this example? Quite simply because the success of this marketing campaign stemmed from the originality of its video. It has helped make a product that was originally rather basic and uninteresting fun and attractive. The YouTube advertising then gave him the necessary impetus to trigger this buzz and keep it going.

Be exhaustive in the subject dealt with Design a pleasant UX for the user Refer to your additional articles on the subject Work on your internal and external mesh And finally, think about final conversion, what action you want the reader to take after reading the page. I see more and more B2B brands like B2C producing pillar pages and topic clusters. Is this the end of short content of less than 500 words? There is still a long way to go to prove that long content is now the norm, but we feel a real increase in the production of long content among advertisers. Alexis Chevallier is Marketing Director at YouLoveWords . He joined YouLoveWords in 2018 as Inbound Marketing Manager and first full-time marketing recruitment.

Why am I giving you this example?

Influencer marketing that “works” today is above all that based on authenticity and transparency, dear to communities and guaranteed in particular by long-term collaborations between influencers and brands that share the same values. Here is an example: On the occasion of Oral Health Day and as part of its partnership with Colgate to introduce its new eco-responsible range Smile For Good, the Dutch influencer ninapierson explains how to have the right brushing gestures teeth while being environmentally friendly. View this post on Instagram Voila, een nieuwe tutorial over mond hygiëne. Want hoewel we germaal eleven tanden poetsen kun je nog veel meer doen om je tanden en mond gezond te houden. In dat is belangrijk want een gezonde mond draagt ook bij aan je algehele gezondheid (in weerbaarheid).

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