Indeed, if I remain convinced that it is necessary to deliver a ton of value (Inspiration, Education & Entertainment) through all the channels and all the possible formats, these actions must imperatively be accompanied by an energy at all times to generate, develop and maintain a constant DIALOGUE with its audience. For example, the simple act of responding systematically to all comments on a post on LinkedIn by fueling the discussion in an authentic and constructive way. To respond, interact, engage with 100% of the audience which itself comes into contact with the brand (or the person) on Instagram. To take the time to send a personalized response to all the DMs received (audio or video is even better) … I know, you will tell me that it takes a lot of time, motivation and resources …

That have already been proven to work for many companies like SEO ( Featured snippets and Topic Clusters ), inbound marketing, Facebook advertising (POWER5) or even Newsletters! If you need help putting all of these tips together, you can check out the links I put in each expert’s text. They redirect to articles on my blog. You can also download my marketing guides to Kyrgyzstan Email List learn how to use Facebook or Instagram advertising and be more convincing in writing.The job of community manager, managing social networks on a daily basis, REALLY takes a lot of time. Is not it ? First you have the production part. You need to find or create visuals (images, videos, etc.) that your fans will love to comment on.

Kyrgyzstan Email List
Kyrgyzstan Email List

That you can always look to be invited to other podcasts

Best of all, you can also resize the image in the format you want to match the recommended dimensions for all social networks .Only this feature is only available in the paid version of Canva. Should I switch to the paid version? It depends ! If you are active on several social networks, it is quite interesting to use the paid version to quickly resize your designs for each platform. In addition, you are entitled to cool features, including the transparent background and compression of images. Canva is fairly inexpensive in the paid version, and you can choose to commit to the month anyway, not necessarily the year. Up to you ! Are your Facebook advertising campaigns perfectly optimized ?

Perfect for showcasing your business and what you do Make a promotion video Make a special video to celebrate an accomplishment When I’m in the video creation interface, the first thing Animoto asks me to do is choose a storyboard template or start from scratch. If I choose the “ Explainer ” category , I can find different storyboards for this need. In the event that I would like to present insights and statistics on my industry, I choose the storyboard already designed by Animoto for this purpose. If you look closely, Animoto’s drag and drop interface is quite similar to Canva’s. I won’t go into details, but you can customize this template as you see fit: Choose the style you want for your video (5 styles with different effects are available).

Facebook & Instagram Messenger

Before the end of the trial period, you should receive an email from with a discount code to upgrade to the paid version. 4) claims to be the world’s easiest marketing video creation tool! And it’s hard to prove them wrong. At first glance, the tool seems extremely easy to use. The principle is simple. You create your videos based on: Thousands of templates already available on One or more premium video clips available in to which you add text and animations Of course, you can adapt your video to the 3 most popular formats on social media Vertical (9:16). does not even offer the vertical format for videos and it is difficult when you know and Lumen5 both offer it! Here is a 30 second demonstration of this amazing tool: You are probably wondering.

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