Many offers on the market make it more difficult for you than anything else! … Shake up the problem The second part of the formula is the most complicated in my opinion. Once you identify the problem, you need to describe it in great detail so that the person reading your words will feel emotions. She needs to be touched emotionally and feel that you really understand her. Describing the problem in great detail allows you to accentuate the negative effects of this problem on the life of your reader. Nothing cynical of course! The idea is to get your audience to understand that this problem must be solved by accentuating the negative effects on them. The continuation of our example … You have to search, over and over again.

For hours It’s frustrating. It takes you time, a lot of time! And who tells you that you will find the most convenient hotel at the best price? Nothing is less certain because another equally comfortable hotel may be cheaper and better located than yours… Solution We are returning to the positive. All you have to do here is present your solution , which your audience has been waiting for ages to Norfolk Island Email List finally fix this damn problem! To end my example … To avoid wasting so many hours looking for a hotel, we have created Hundre drooms! Hundre drooms makes your hotel search quick and easy by comparing ALL vacation rental deals on one web page. No, you’re not dreaming.

Norfolk Island Email List
Norfolk Island Email List

This problem on the life of your reader

We compare over 100 different sites like Booking or Airbnb for you, so you can book the best room at the best price, easily and without having to search for hours. By the way, Hundredrooms really do exist!  But I still have other examples to present to you. Ramit Sethi, creator of iwillteachyoutoberich, is a master in the art of copywriting. Watch how accurately he describes his audience’s issues and then talks about his offer. Stan Leloup, who owns a YouTube channel on marketing and persuasion with over 280,000 subscribers no, I didn’t put a zero too much! Also used this formula on the home page of his Marketing Mania site . By clicking on Click here to begin, Stan will offer you a solution to the problem how to convert your visitors into buyers building an audience, designing a persuasive website, and so on.

You can also use the PAS formula in your emails to make your readers salivate, like Marie Forleo does . This formula is great for its flexibility. You can use it literally in any context In your emails To introduce your blog posts or videos. On your home page or sales pages On your landing pages In your Facebook ads it’s rarer, but I’ve seen it before . The secret to being successful with the PAS formula is to accurately describe the problem and stir it around so that the person wants to know your solution. The more you practice the PAS formula, the better you will master it. Formula 2 AIDA AIDA is an acronym for A for Attention capture the person’s attention obvious, I know!. I for Interest arouse interest with facts, statements, etc.

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Desire to create desire by playing on her emotions and what she needs. A for Action by giving her your solution that pushes her to take action. The AIDA formula is also used everywhere on Facebook, on landing pages, in emails, in television advertisements, etc. Let’s take a look at some examples. Home page of your website So Shape is a French startup that markets powdered meals. This young startup knows very well how to capture your attention, arouse your interest, make your mouth water to buy one of their meals the minute you go to the home page of their site. The image and the title help to attract attention. We then use the subtitle to generate interest and create desire. We end with a call to action button to push to action logical, I know.

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