According to a Twitter post by Alberto Ciurana . director of content and distribution of Azteca. based on data from Nielsen-IBOPE . he indicated that the adjustment television station was the winner of the viewers’ preferences when watching the fight in system opened with 14.1 rating points obtained by channel 7. compared to 11.5 points registered by channel 5. In this way. the multiple advertisements that were shown in the different periods of each of the twelve rounds are justified. in which the advertising was even for the count of the last ten seconds of each episode. as well as between commercials. The battle for the preference of the spectators led to the fight being broadcast live. in addition to the summoning of a series of important boxing personalities.

Who attested to various aspects that happened both inside and outside the round. This Monday. at 9 at night. Culiacán time. the Banorte Stadium Benin whatsapp number list will be the epicenter of the interest of the national and international sports press. as well as the 23.000 attendees that will pack the building. as well as supporters and detractors of Diego Armando Maradona. when his debut at the head of Los Dorados is made official. Since the arrival of Pelusa in Sinaloa. the media attention has remained until tonight. in which his team will reflect on the ground so much interest on the part of reporters. nationals and foreigners. who have not detached themselves from the day-to-day recording the soccer star in his new residence. Three Christmas jobs that will surprise you However.

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People in Culiacán watching the team. club fans as well as residents have not given Maradona the benefit of the doubt. various press reports established that the sale of team items and the coach himself. They barely showed movement. while the followers doubt the strategist’s ability to move the team forward. However. not only the sports field was added to the high expectation. but also politics. brands and anyone who can be part of the conversation at a time when attention will be directed mostly to the bench than to what happen on the field of play. being negative. they would become direct criticism of the coach and all the fuss that was generated around this event.

Benin whatsapp number list

The mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter as well as Irish boxer. Conor McGregor presented a new line of whiskey. Which was named as Proper No. Twelve which according to various press reports. the product of a combination of triple distilled grains as well as malt spirits. With a price of 25 dollars per bottle. it was announced that the champion fighter of the UFC. requested the help of experts in the distillery of this drink. One of them. David Elder. spent years working with Guinness in the city of Dublin. McGregor. one of the highest paid athletes on the planet. Will take advantage of part of the profits from his product to. Allocate them to local organizations. depending on the area.

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Dublin 12. the place where he learned to fight as well as learn values and work hard. The Irishman told the press. Conor McGregor registers a record of 18 knockouts in 24 fights above the hexagon; However. during his last appearance against Floyd Mayweather Jr. In which he lost. his reputation began to suffer due to a series of events that ended. However. by incorporating a social strategy. this act diverts attention from. His person and directs it towards the rescue forces. Who will benefit from the sales. Even as a novice player in whiskey distilling.

Bolt said at the end of the match in which the Central Coast Mariners defeated Macarthur South West United 4-0. Bolt scored the last two goals. The first in an overflow from the left and the second. After a defender and the rival goalkeeper collided with each other and served the ball to the Jamaican. Who played with shirt number 95. in reference to his record in 100 meters: 9 .58 seconds. Scoring two goals is a good feeling. it’s what I’m working on. I’m trying to improve myself. I’m trying to improve and I’m doing it. He told Fox Sports. When Bolt left the field in the 75th minute.

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