vary depending on our way of looking at it. And the most necessary thing for the entrepreneur and businessman is to be an optimistic person. no matter how complicated the road may be. The author shows us that happiness is in the hands of those who want to find it. 78. An ant in Paris. Marc Vidal The author shows us why great successes start with a small victory. You have to fight little by little for everything you believe in. and this book is a huge dose of optimism and strength. 79. The toilet paper entrepreneur. Mike Michaelowicz The book entertainingly teaches how an entrepreneur can achieve success with few resources.

It offers innovative and practical ideas for starting a business that you won’t find everywhere. such as making a plan for your business in less than three pages. 80. The myth of the entrepreneur. Michael Gerber It is a book Czech republic whatsapp number list that breaks down the existing myths about creating a business. and describes the different stages that any company usually goes through. It includes tips that will help us overcome the different problems that each of these stages present. 81. The principles of success. jack candfield Another international best seller. It contains more than 60 practical and useful tips for every entrepreneur on their way to success. From taking responsibility for our actions and following our passion. to not being afraid to ask and learning to say no.

To Manage Uncertainty The

The path to wealth. Brian Tracey The author shows us the path to wealth through building a business. following the example of successful entrepreneurs over the years. Marketing and sales are essential. but so are other issues such as personal productivity. 83. The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership. John Maxwell The book explains the science and art of leadership at a level that is easy to understand and apply. The goal is for the reader to be very clear about their strengths and areas of opportunity in order to fully exploit their potential as a leader. think-fast-think-slow-kahneman.jpg84. Think fast. think slow. Daniel Kahnema Kahnema. winner of a Nobel Prize in economics. offers us practical lessons on how decisions are made in professional or personal life.

Czech republic whatsapp number list

and on how we can use different techniques to protect ourselves from mental failures that create problems for us. 85. 32 plays to be a champion in business. Earvin “Magic” Johnson The former NBA player shows us his side as an entrepreneur and investor. Here he tells us about the 32 steps he followed to form a mission and vision to achieve his goals. It includes tips on starting. marketing. financing. and growing a business. as well as having a good team. 86. The richest man in Babylon. george clason It is a book with a simple and pleasant language that offers a financial plan to take the path of wealth. The author promises to teach us how to earn money. keep it and multiply it.

The Book Talks About How

qualities of a leader. John Maxwell The American writer and speaker. an expert in leadership and communication. describes the qualities that a leader must develop and maintain. 88. The book of the i-entrepreneur. Javier Gosende The objective of the book is to explain all the necessary steps for the entrepreneur to successfully develop their business on the Internet. From the conception of the idea to the construction of the website and subsequent execution of the online marketing plan. It´s not what you sell it´s what you stand for. Roy Spence The author explains why any extraordinary business needs a purpose. an identity and a philosophy.

It is not only what you sell. but what you represent and transmit to the world. 90. Make your presentation something extraordinary. dan roam For many entrepreneurs. making a presentation is an extremely difficult and stressful process. This book shows us a set of tools to overcome that barrier. Tips for understanding the audience. organizing content. building a clear story. channeling fear. etc. 91. Negotiating is easy. if you know how. Alexander Fernandez Learning to negotiate is a key skill for any entrepreneur. The truth is that sometimes we lose many opportunities because we do not know how to do it effectively.

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