Even these figures would be much higher were it not for the fact that about 60% of online sellers trade without RUC and evade taxes. according to Sunat. Challenges for entrepreneurs The trend of electronic commerce is increasing markedly. so for entrepreneurs who have not yet turned to digital transformation. the time is now. The first point is that the physical business must be supported by a virtual platform. using its own domain (.com. .pe) in which the name of the company is included. then the web design and digital marketing strategy are carried out.

Part of the good performance of the company’s electronic commerce is found in the care when presenting the products. with the correct measurements. colors. models. etc. An important aspect refers to compliance with Germany whatsapp number list delivery deadlines. it is preferable It is possible to tell the client. explaining the reasons for a possible delay and providing a prompt solution. For this reason. the improvement of logistics chains is extremely important. implementing new shopping collection channels and decompressing the delivery load in the sales process. Electronic commerce in Peru after the pandemic Representatives of Visa Peru and Diners Club Peru consider that electronic payments and e-commerce in.

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Peru will have a permanent effect on consumer psychology after the pandemic. Although there will be purchases that will return to the physical world. the participation of e-commerce will continue to grow for the coming years. Even spokespersons for the Mercado Libre Peru portal plan to triple their sales in 2021 alone compared to last year. As we can see. e-commerce in Peru has become a kind of lifesaver for many formal and informal companies to stay afloat during the gale of the pandemic. which is why it is important to continue updating online sales. with constant training and good performance. of digital channels. such as websites and applications.

Germany whatsapp number list

To the pandemic and reinvented himself in the sportswear sales business. He told me that he created a page on Facebook where he was more or less. His friends told him about creating a website that would give him more brand presence and. above all. trust for his clients. Without thinking twice. Arturo hired a web designer who made him a colorful and practical page. However. its sales are still few and its. Website is lost in Google among the tens of thousands in the field. He knows little about digital strategies. but when I talked to him about. SEO and SEM I felt that Arturo was lost like Adam on Mother’s Day. Like him.

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there are valuable entrepreneurs who just need support or advice to get their businesses off the ground. Therefore. now we will talk about SEO and SEM and which of these strategies is best for your business. Pay attention. What is SEO? In order not to make it so complicated. SEO is the technique that is responsible for web positioning in search engines. It works with the quality of the content to make it relevant. Doth for users and for search engines such as Google. That is. it makes your website appear in the first results organically. Or naturally when the user performs a search.

seo expert search Types of SEO There are 2 types of SEO. SEO on-site and SEO off-site on-site. Publish the URL of the website in quality directories. Collaborate with other websites in exchange for putting links. What is SEM? organic search seo specialist SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It consists of carrying out paid advertising in search engines to improve the positioning of the content. This way. they appear prominently at the top of the results with an ad badge.

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