Have you ever noticed that Facebook doesn’t reach everyone you choose when it comes to paid advertising? How does Facebook decide who to deliver your ad to and who not? In fact, the target segment you choose is the first step. Facebook ‘s Optimization for Ad Delivery algorithm makes the final decision. This time we are preparing to discuss the following topics: Misunderstanding of the USA Phone Number List target segment; How Facebook Optimization Works; Optimization and Purpose; Optimization and Learning Phase People who use Facebook advertising, especially beginners, have little understanding of how Facebook decides who to deliver your ad to. Advertisers often think that they have enough budget to reach all of their target audiences. But in reality it is a little different.

You Can’t Deliver Ads to Everyone You Choose

Even if you have a good budget, Facebook won’t show your ads to everyone you choose. Selecting a target segment is just the first step, after which Facebook decides who to deliver your ad to, depending on your chosen goal and advertising optimization. What is Facebook ad delivery optimization and how does it work? The main role of Facebook ad delivery optimization is to increase the USA Phone Number effectiveness of your advertising. You have selected your advertisers. But Facebook knows that some of these people are far more likely to do what you expect them to do. Therefore, Facebook is less likely to do what you want to do when you prioritize your ads to those who do better, in other words, you work to keep the ads from reaching other groups of people who don’t get results.

What Is Facebook Ad Delivery Optimization

So what is “your expected outcome” most important? Some people are more likely to click on a link, some are more likely to watch a video, and some are more likely to be your users. In other words, the action of each of these USA Phone Number List segments is different for your ad. At the end of the Ad set section to create a Facebook ad, you choose which action to optimize your ad for. Below is a description of Facebook in the Optimization for Ad Delivery section of the Optimization & Delivery section when creating a Facebook ad:Choose an action to optimize your ads. This option will affect who you deliver the ad to to get the results you want.

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