Promote free delivery and returns (even above a certain amount) Describe in one sentence the uniqueness of your brand. Example: “the best French leathers, more comfort”. If you are doing a marketing operation, mention it in your text and show your excitement as L’Exception did very well ! Finally, also invest in video to stand out from your competition. Most don’t use them yet. Often times the click-through rates and conversion rates are higher on video ads. Step 3: Promote offers to people who already know you The second part of the e-commerce strategy that I suggest is to keep coming back to your target customer’s mind with new ads. These are the stages of “familiarization” and “consideration” of the diagram that I have shared with you. Of course, you are not ALWAYS going to show the same thing, you are going to be creative.

Ideally, you will be making a commercial offer. In the worst case scenario, you will “just” present new products with an emphasis on your best sellers. Well-known brands, like Sézane , also offer to Tanzania Email List rediscover their past collections at more advantageous prices (and install their mobile application). At this point, you can also use a friendlier tone (if that fits with your branding). You can also show customer testimonials or photos of your customers (if you have permission). The goal of these ads is to generate sales, BUT ALSO build trust and even more familiarity with your brand. Some people need to know a bit more about you before buying from you, while others will be more impulse purchases. How does it work in practice? As with the customer acquisition campaign, you will mainly choose “conversions” and “catalog sales” (more and more) objectives.

Tanzania Email List
Tanzania Email List

You are doing a marketing operation

In terms of targeting and budget, you will invest around 20% of your budget in these ads and target “hot” audiences: Visitors to your website (last 30 days) People who have interacted with your Facebook or Instagram posts People who have visited your website several times over a given period People who have seen your videos This is where the Facebook pixel comes in to find the people we have attracted to your site with customer acquisition campaigns. The pixel will allow you to bring together in personalized audiences all the people who have visited specific pages on your website or carried out an important action for you (eg: see a product page or add a product to the cart).

Find out how to start a Facebook retargeting campaign by reading this article. Step 4: Retarget people who abandoned their cart If you’ve read (and followed) this guide so far, know that you have done the hard part by following the first 3 steps to the letter! The penultimate step in this online sales strategy for ecommerce sites is now to retarget ALL people who have added items to their cart or initiated a payment, but have not purchased. It is the penultimate step of this diagram. A lot of these people did it because they are interested. In some cases, they have abandoned their purchase because they found cheaper elsewhere or a solution that better suited their needs. In other cases, they just can’t make a decision .

Facebook or Instagram posts People

The reasons can be many and really depend on what you are selling. Most often this relates to: Price Shipping or return conditions (e.g. return policy is unclear) A technical or practical aspect (e.g. choosing the right size, choosing the right model, etc.) Either way, this is also the time to show your personality and know that they have shown the urge to buy from your website. And we will also have to respond to these nasty objections to the purchase. Let’s analyze some examples to put it all into practice! 1) Carousel advertising The principle: dynamic advertising that shows you the product (s) you have viewed and dynamically suggests other products that you might like. One of the best examples I have to share with you is that of Sézane.

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