In this article, I also shared 7 sample videos with you. There are others of course, but I think these are the ones you should produce to begin with. Internet users have less and less desire to read.It is also on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, that Internet users begin (or end) their online shopping experience. According to Big Commerce , 30% of online shoppers say they could order from a social network like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. And we know from a reliable source (Facebook) that 83% of “Instagramers” say they discover new products and services on Instagram . If I am showing you all these statistics, it is to show you that e-commerce is well anchored in our society and that it will stay there.

Once you’ve created a catalog and synced your products to the catalog, you can create ads that showcase your catalog items to users, whether or not they’ve visited your website (remarketing) or not (acquiring) before. The objective of the “catalog sales” campaign allows you to do this (I will come back to this at the end of this article). To install the Facebook catalog, all you need to Syria Email List do is go to Catalog Manager . Installing the Facebook catalog is more or less complex if you have no (or little) technical skills. There are 4 main ways to set up a Facebook catalog: Add products using a form (this method seems new because I didn’t know it) Add products using a data feed Add products using your Facebook pixel.

Syria Email List
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Personally, I never use the “traffic” objective for e-commerce awareness because the traffic generated on the site is of low quality (high bounce rate, low time on the site, etc.). So, I prefer to focus on the last 2 objectives oriented conversions and sales. When it comes to targeting, prioritize similar audience targeting as much as possible. This targeting is practically automatic. All you have to do is provide Facebook with your customer database so they can find people who look like them but don’t know you. ( PRO tip : if you’re already using lookalike audiences, we – DHS Digital – have noticed that 2% or 3% lookalike audiences deliver better long-term acquisition results than lookalike audiences with the highest percentage. low to 1%). And if you want to learn more about lookalike audiences and learn how to create them, read this article on Lookalike Audiences .

Find out how to start a Facebook retargeting campaign by reading this article. Step 4: Retarget people who abandoned their cart If you’ve read (and followed) this guide so far, know that you have done the hard part by following the first 3 steps to the letter! The penultimate step in this online sales strategy for ecommerce sites is now to retarget ALL people who have added items to their cart or initiated a payment, but have not purchased. It is the penultimate step of this diagram. A lot of these people did it because they are interested. In some cases, they have abandoned their purchase because they found cheaper elsewhere or a solution that better suited their needs. In other cases, they just can’t make a decision .

These fears by preparing yourself seriously

The fun part now The creation of your e-commerce advertisements. You won’t need to reinvent the wheel. A few lines of text are enough for your teaser. It is above all the visual that matters. The MVMT watch brand generates millions of dollars every month from Facebook advertising. What explains this success? The targeting or advertising? It’s largely the quality of their creative content. The targeting options are the same for all advertisers, not the ability to create high quality, creative content. Watch this ad. The image is of very high quality. The watch is shown both on the mannequin AND you immediately notice that it is shown large in the image so that you can observe it in great detail. When it comes to text, write hooks with clickable words and phrases like “new”, “discover our new collection”, “exclusive”, “now”, “enjoy”, and so on.

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