Enter the professional email address of the person you want to add and decide if you want them to have employee or administrator access (knowing that administrators have ALL rights in Business Manager). I advise you to give, in the majority of cases , employee access unless the person you add is your co-founder or an executive in your company. Then click on “Next”. You should see this window appear to give the person the necessary access. In this example, I am giving my employee access to my Facebook Page with the option to “Post content”. On the other hand, I do not give him any access to my advertising account because he will not need it. To finish adding my first employee, I click on “Invite” and Facebook tells me that the invitation has been sent.

We will request access to your client’s Facebook Page by clicking on the “Add” button. Facebook still offers 3 options: Add a Page Request access to a Page Create a page Do not choose the 1st option since your client’s Page does not belong to Catalan Email List you. Always choose “Request access to a Page”. Then search for your customer’s Facebook Page. ( Note : Before requesting access to a Page, Facebook will ask you to define the “Main Page” of your Business Manager. Simply choose YOUR Company’s Facebook Page). As soon as you have identified your client’s Facebook Page, request access to “create ads” or “publish content” if you also have a community manager role. Scroll down slightly and click on the “Request Access” button.

Catalan Email List
Catalan Email List

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Conversely, if your competition never sells anything in their ads, but all offer a free offering like a webinar or guide, maybe this is a sign that you should avoid direct selling on Facebook. Do you have a better understanding of the importance of watching competitive advertisements? If it wasn’t, SEMrush wouldn’t be one of the most widely used digital marketing tools on the market…! In summary, observing your competitors’ advertising strategies does not mean that you will copy them, but rather adapt them, try them or even surpass them, while understanding what you can do differently to add value to your business. target audience. By identifying their most powerful ads, you’ll save time and money that could have been wasted on lower performing ads. And know that it is also possible to know the best ads from any Facebook Page.

Otherwise, why keep them? If you are serious about following your competitor’s advertising strategy, you should look at what ads your competition has launched week after week and then see which ones are still active a few weeks later. 2) Are they doing branding or conversion campaigns? Another question you should ask yourself when you analyze the ads on a Facebook Page is whether their ads have a branding objective or if they have a conversion objective (direct sale or generation of leads). This is also important to know to see if your competitors are using Facebook Ads as a tool to build awareness of their brand or if they are just using it as a revenue accelerator. If we take the example of Daniel Wellington, we can observe several branding advertisements in which the brand highlights its new ambassadors for the launch of its new watch, the “Iconic Link”.

Facebook advertising strategy for free

This is something I would not have thought of and which is different from classic offers like “10% free for your first purchase” or “we offer you delivery for your first order”. And when I talk to you about an offer, I am not necessarily talking about a purely commercial offer. It can also be: A free guide A webinar A free trial A demo High added value content Etc. If we take the example of Marie Forleo who owns an online training company, we see that most of the offers highlighted on her advertisements concern online conferences offered, resources or free audio training in exchange for information from contact. 4) On which platform (s) do they advertise? A study conducted by Instagram claims that 60% of Instagram users admit having discovered a product or service through Instagram. Is this the case for your competitors?

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