All you have to do is generate an explicit promo code, such as “BLACKFRIDAY”, so that your visitors can apply the reduction. It’s up to you to be creative. Levi’s is offering 20% ​​off entire collection and free shipping. Lenovo doesn’t talk about Black Friday at all on its site, but rather the holiday season. The company also created a sense of urgency by adding a countdown timer. Fnac is a little less generous with promotions only available to members … If you extend the Black Friday promotions over the weekend and Monday (Cyber ​​Monday), you could imagine a first part of the bestseller discounts . On Saturdays and Sundays, you could make more aggressive offers on certain items. For a women’s fashion site, a good offer could be presented in this way: “For any purchase of a dress, take advantage of 50% on the handbag of your choice”.

On Mondays, why not promote items from another collection (boots, large…)? 2) Prepare your site for Black Friday Most sites experience a sharp increase in their traffic during Black Friday promotions. Better business inevitably attracts more people. But is your site prepared for it? He should! According to Google , 1 in 2 visitors give up browsing a site that takes more than 3 seconds to UAE Email List load. To properly prepare your site for Black Friday, let’s focus on 3 elements: The loading speed of your site Your site’s experience on mobile Is a Facebook pixel installed there? Site loading speed When it comes to site load speed, you want it to be on point for Black Friday. I recommend the Google Page Speed ​​Insights tool to get an estimate of site speed, but also to see what is slowing down your site.

UAE Email List
UAE Email List

Your site’s experience on mobile Is a Facebook pixel installed there?

To have more precise results for the mobile, Google offers a second free tool, Think My Site . This tells you if your website is optimized for mobile and estimates its speed by averaging over the connections (Wi-Fi, 3G, etc.). To be sure not to have any problems, I also advise you to contact your host to find out how many visitors your site can tolerate simultaneously without seeing its performance decrease or even suffer a crash. From my experience, OVH (my host) has already told me that it is possible to request an increase in hosting performance temporarily. Also, be careful to resize and compress all your images to avoid slowing down your website. Often, images that are too large in size block the display of a page.

For my part, I use compressor or iloveimg to resize and compress my images before uploading them to my site. Responsive website on mobile Internet users are buying more and more from their smartphones! It’s a real trend. Of the 37.5 million French people who bought on the Internet, 12.1 million did so via mobile , according to FEVAD . A mobile optimized website meets these few requirements: Sufficiently large text font (minimum 16 pixels) Buttons visible and large for easy clicks Lots of white space Simple navigation (few elements) Fast Multi-step checkout process (for e-commerce) If you want to go further on the best practices for optimizing your website on mobile, read this article that I wrote on journalducm. Have you installed the Facebook pixel on your site? To finish on the optimizations of your site before Black Friday, I advise you to install the Facebook pixel on your site.

The Facebook pixel on your site?

The Facebook pixel is a tracking code that Facebook makes available to you to track the activity of your website (eg: visits, additions of products to the cart, etc.). For example, if a visitor added a product to the cart, but didn’t purchase, you could show them an advertisement to encourage them to complete their order. Even better, if you install the Facebook Pixel Now on your website, you will be able to show targeted advertising to everyone who visited your site in the days leading up to Black Friday. If everything I just told you seems a bit hazy, I invite you to read my Facebook pixel installation guide in which I explain exactly what the Facebook pixel is and how to install it on your site. 3) Create a strong expectation before Black Friday Black Friday only became popular in Europe a few years ago.

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