This time, we provide you with information on how to create custom audience. One of the most effective methods of paid facebook advertising, and how to use it. With 1.47 billion daily users. Facebook is an important advertising channel for digital marketers. However, sometimes it is necessary to choose a specific advertising segment because of the large. Number of users and the hong kong phone number list area is too large. This is also a key way to reduce advertising costs and increase returns. Facebook offers paid advertising businesses a wide range of opportunities to select and target targeted users and deliver advertising information. This is the main advantage of Facebook marketing over traditional advertising channels.

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Digital marketing If you use this information to select your target users, the marketer will know that your Facebook ad is effective, but… Don’t stop using this information to select your target users. Related articles: Social media marketing trends that marketers must pay attention to in 2019Facebook Marketing. How to Build Loyal Users and Grow Your Business Hong Kong Phone Number For some, the term ” Custom audience ” may not sound obvious. However, it would be more understandable to explain that it is an opportunity to find people who have visited your website or current and previous users of your organization on Facebook and deliver your ads.  SocialMediaThursday Facebook LIVE video on this topic is also attached here.

Types of Custom Audience for Facebook Advertising

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This is where you can advertise to people who have been in contact with your organization in some way. Such as previous users, people who have visited your website, or users who have been connected to your facebook page. You can even take advantage of the opportunity to reach new customers by creating. A lookalike audience — a group of people who are Hong Kong Phone Number List similar to their previous users, based on their custom audience. Types of the custom audience for facebook advertising custom audience consisting of previous users. If you have a list of user information, it allows you to find previous users on facebook and access them again. For example, suppose your organization has information about customers. Who has made purchases before you, or users who receive new news every week?

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