In social media marketing, images, especially GIFs, can help make your message more interesting to your customers. Ideal for creating a variety of pictures, stories, tips, instructions, or interesting posts to engage users in the form of GIF animations. This time we present 4 very easy ways to prepare a GIF image. 1. Prepare a GIF image using Photoscape Photoscape is a free photo editing app. If you find it difficult to use professional software such as Photoshop, this program is for you. Be sure to try this high-powered GIF animation program.

Prepare a Gif Image Using Photoscape Is a Free

Download linkPrepare a GIF image 2. Create a GIF image using Photoshop Although Photoshop is a more professional drawing and design program, it is very easy to create a GIF image if you already have an image to use. For easy instructions on how to prepare a GIF, see the following prepare a GIF image 3. Preparing a GIF using the web You can also easily create GIF Poland Phone Number animations through a website without installing any software on your computer. All you have to do is enter your photos and click on the Create GIF button. WebsitePrepare a GIF image 4. Create animated GIFs from your mobile phone For iPhone users, your phone can be a powerful content preparation device.

Create a Gif Image Using Photoshop More Professional

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For example, you can use the imgplay app to easily edit photos. Create live photos, and create video or gif photos. App store linkprepare a gif image end photoshop is a really powerful program for creating gifs. But if you don’t have much experience using it, photoscape is the best for you. If image quality and size aren’t important, gypsy is easy to use. And your mobile phone can help you create gifs. If you would like to participate in a social media training on facebook, twitter, instagram, content planning, paid to advertise, etc., please follow this link! Social media online training.

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