They compare prices, deals and are exposed to advertisements almost all the time. It is almost inevitable that they will leave your site… and there is a good chance that they will forget to come back. Fortunately, there are two solutions to make them come back: The retargeting Abandoned cart reminder emails Do not neglect them, you will have to use them during Black Friday! On Facebook or Instagram, I advise you to make a product carousel (very commercial advertising) with a reminder of the articles in which your visitors have shown interest. Here is a very good example: Obviously, remember to explicitly state that stocks run out quickly and that special Black Friday promotions only last a few hours … Read this post from my Facebook Advertising blog to learn how to advertise like this.

As mentioned above, you can also prepare follow-up emails like this one. I find this email very well done. It is short, personalized and persuasive at the same time. In this email, Zalando reminds me very well that: Items sell out fast Delivery is free Returns are free and I have 100 days to Uzbekistan Email List decide Just below, we find the items that I added in my basket. Usually, e-commerce sites send this type of email a few days after adding products to the cart. For Black Friday, the sending of reminder emails must be done more quickly, just a few hours after expressing an intention to purchase. Most e-commerce store creation platforms allow you to create this type of email. The only negative point is that you must have obtained the person’s email address to send them a follow-up email.

Uzbekistan Email List
Uzbekistan Email List

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You’ve probably heard of the Facebook Business Manager, without knowing exactly what it is. What is this tool for? Is it paying? Should you install it or not? If so, how do you create an account and configure it correctly? This is what we will see in this complete and illustrated guide! You will discover in this guide: What is the Business Manager for How to create an account and configure it How to use it to facilitate your internal organization or work with business partners Before we begin, let me first introduce you to the Business Manager of Facebook (it’s probably not what you think). What is the Facebook Business Manager? Facebook defines Business Manager as a free tool to “manage ad accounts, Pages and the people who work on them in one place.”

I like to see the Business Manager as a real project management tool in which are all the resources that Facebook makes available to companies. All in one place. This tool is aimed at small structures, SMEs as well as agencies! Used properly , it helps to be better organized and to save a lot of time. Unfortunately, the Business Manager is seen as a complex tool. The reality is that it simplifies collaboration between different people and the use of different resources (Facebook Pages, ad accounts, Facebook pixels ) within the same company / agency. Let’s take an example. You create a Facebook Page with your personal Facebook profile and start advertising. You therefore create an advertising account which will also be linked to your Facebook profile. You can share these 2 resources with other people (employees or partners), but it can quickly become complex.

How do you create an account and configure it correctly?

In addition, all these work resources are attached to your Facebook profile which is supposed to be a place where you relax and chat with your loved ones (not ideal for separating your professional and personal life). The idea of ​​the Business Manager is to centralize in one place all the people who work with you and all the resources you own (Facebook pages, advertising accounts, Facebook pixels, catalogs, etc.) within Facebook. This is what it looks like (old version) for a business with multiple Facebook Pages and multiple ad accounts. In the Business Manager, you will only find the resources of your company such as your advertising accounts, your Facebook Pages (if you have several), your product catalogs and the people who work in your company / agency.

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