The results are always there! Share a short and compelling story Likewise, you can share a personal, polarizing, and authentic anecdote in a simple post, such as a message you sent to your best friend. See it as a rant related to your professional life. Julia Coudert , from the I don’t think, I feel blog , shared her frustration at being judged by her dress style, which some find inappropriate for a freelance or business owner. Results ? Tens of thousands of views and reactions by the thousands. Impressive. I know what you are going to Pakistan Phone Number List tell me. Yes, but how many connections does she have? I went to see this before writing the article. Julia Coudert has 3,000 connections on LinkedIn and yet this post has reached tens of thousands of people.

Publish native videos If you post any videos to Facebook , YouTube, or Instagram, please do me the pleasure of taking those videos one by one and reposting them on LinkedIn. Some of them won’t go viral, but others will go viral and you won’t even know why! Follow these tips for producing viral videos . Comment on the news and give your two cents Let me tell you a very common story in the digital marketing arena. Every day, there are new changes and news on digital digital specialists will not contradict me. However, 95% of digital news relay are content to share the link of the article they have read with an uninviting description. Big mistake.


How many connections does she have?

I will present it to you, but be careful, it will require you to work 15 minutes longer than the others. Does that suit you anyway? If so, then read on carefully. First, select a news item that has significant discussion potential , for example the possible removal of the likes counter on Instagram. Do some research on the subject to get your own perspective. Take an image that catches the eye . Summarize what you have found in a few lines. Add your two cents and publish your post during peak hours on LinkedIn 9 a.m. to 12 p.m..

You tell me the news ! This simple little extra effort will allow you to stand out from all the other news relayers and to surf this one, for your greatest pleasure. Asking controversial questions I love doing this posting on a hot topic. Just 3 days ago, I got the idea to post about buying branded keywords on Google Ads a very controversial practice. Here is how I did it in a few words. I took a screenshot of a company using this strategy on Google. I described it in one line, I didn’t even give my opinion, I asked the question for or against? And I just waited. That’s what it turned out a few hours later. 14,445 views and 69 comments also take a look at the responses of digital marketing consultants and CEOs who commented on my post… some have written actual articles in the comments!.

What if there was a better way?

Awesome, isn’t it? Moreover, among these people, in your opinion how many of them work at Google? According to LinkedIn, 175 Google employees saw my post and yet I am far from having 175 Google employees in my network. LinkedIn is really an opportunity not to be missed if you want to develop the visibility of your business or your personal brand. Make sure you post content tailored to the platform and write engaging posts to stand out follow the tips in this article for writing your LinkedIn posts. Are your Facebook advertising campaigns perfectly optimized ? Let’s talk 30 minutes on the phone.

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