About knowing what to post, but also knowing When to publish What type of content to publish? Who is your audience? I want to make sure you know this information before you post a next post on your Facebook Page. As I was telling you, Internet users interact less easily and it is just the engagement generated by your posts that Facebook’s algorithm favors to show your posts to a larger part of your audience the fans of your Page. If you want more reach and interactions on your posts, it’s important to know your audience, their favorite content, the best time to post, and your competitor’s strategy. In this article, you will find out how to get all of this information in just a few minutes.

I also reached 11,139 people, which is 12% more than last week. Then, Facebook reminds me of the 5 most recent posts on my Page as well as their performance we’ll analyze the performance of my latest posts in more detail later in this article. Lately, Facebook tells me a little more about the Pages that I have chosen to keep in my sights. I love the New Zealand WhatsApp Number List content of these Pages, and above all I think my fans might like their content too! Sometimes I go to this place to get ideas for content . This report allows me to compare the performance of my Page with the Pages I monitor. If you have a competitive spirit like me!, It may be interesting to regularly look at this report and add the Pages of your competitors. Also note that you can use this feature as soon as your Facebook Page has more than 100 fans. I still remember the frustration of not being able to do this when I first started.

Here Is Finally The Answer

It is more direct, more serious and contains fewer emojis. Like on Facebook, LinkedIn users like to engage in debates or read stories as long as they limit themselves to the professional setting! You are probably using Facebook to gain visibility and interact with your fans customers. I’m not taking a big risk in telling you that. Most businesses are on Facebook, and yours must be there too. Like every beginning of the year, Buffer published his study report on social networks. Of the 1,842 marketers surveyed, 94% said their business uses Facebook . Unfortunately, 20% of them are not at all sure that their efforts on social media and not just Facebook are worth the effort. However, almost all of the people questioned consider that social networks are important in their marketing strategy.

Do you notice a problem? I see one! Marketers struggle to measure their efforts on social media. What a pity. Knowing your social media stats is just as important as posting great content or responding to your followers’ comments. Let’s face it, posting content that your audience doesn’t resonate with is a waste of time. Precisely, your fans no longer have time. They already follow hundreds of businesses, organizations and public figures on Facebook and elsewhere. As a result, they interact less easily with posts on Facebook than a few years ago. It’s the content that makes them vibrate that will make them want to give you a blue thumbs up or leave you a comment so important to Facebook’s algorithm .

There Are Several Ways To Do This

I have chosen for you 7 statistics on which I like to have an eye to always stay up to date on the performance of my Facebook Page. But first … How to access the statistics of your Facebook Page? To find out more about your audience and all of your Facebook Page activity, go to the Statistics tab. By clicking on Statistics, you should arrive at the overview of your Page. Let’s start by looking at the basic information that Facebook gives us. On this first report, you can see the general trend of your Facebook Page and your statistics for the last 7 days you can also choose to analyze data from today, yesterday or the last 28 days. For example, we notice that my Page has been viewed 552 times. 77 new people like my Page awesome!.

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