By 2019 80% of global internet traffic will be video and social video. Generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. The stats don’t lie: video marketing works because people. Can’t get enough of this nice, enjoyable video content. Around the world who rely on subtitles to watch videos. By adding captions and transcripts to your marketing videos. You not only make your brand accessible to people who. Can’t hear, but you also gain more views overall through increased user. Engagement and seo benefits. Interactive transcript. If your team runs an ongoing series of content like webinars. Or podcasts, pairing an interactive transcript with a video gives. People more opportunities to engage with your content. Users can search for keywords in the audio and jump to any. Point in the video where that word is spoken. Adding a transcript to your page also has inherent seo.

What Is Important for Content Marketing Publishers Easy Workflow

Seo companies want their marketing videos to show up in search results. When they relate to a target keyword. Studies have shown that subtitles are useful. For learning and retention. In many cases, having text on screen also serves as the primary method. Of communicating information eg, a recipe video and holding the viewer’s attention. Easy workflow video publishing from start to finish. Should be New Zealand Phone Number easy, especially for a busy marketing department. Legal compliance federal laws in the united states like. The americans with disabilities act and the rehabilitation. Act require equal access to most publicly available web content. For people with disabilities lawsuits over inaccessible websites. And web content are driving companies to proactively .Ensure their videos include closed captions or transcripts. For people who are deaf and hard of hearing.

What Are Common Challenges With Captioning Content Marketing

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Accuracy and precise terminology – you want your video to clearly communicate and represent your brand, so the last thing you want is a typo in your captions or transcript. Some video players and platforms have voice recognition technology that generates free automatic captions like youtube’s but these captions can only be about 80% accurate and n don’t include proper speaker labels, punctuation or spelling, or other characteristics of proper subtitles that ultimately. Require human editing. This is especially true when your video uses specialized terminology or names specific to your organization. Social media limitations not all social platforms are the same when it comes to video. Twitter and instagram require caption encoding open captions and facebook requires a special naming convention for their caption files, both provided by 3play media.


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