Unfortunately, there will always be people who disagree! It’s not serious … What to do in this case? You have several solutions Ignore them Answer them Few will ignore negative comments about them it is even a mistake. The most common reaction, and it has happened to me several times, is to get into a debate. This is what happened when I replied to Jimmy, the one who could not help but give his opinion on my post. The result ? I wasted at least 1 hour trying to convince someone who was not going to change their position anyway. In truth, trolls rarely change their mind or position . It is therefore a lost cause! Now, I know that the best solution is to remain diplomatic, respect the opinion of the person and move on!

You don’t have time to waste with this, but know that it’s a good sign if your content gets a few negative comments, however counterintuitive that may sound. To give you another example, I went to see the Libya Email List comments under Stan Leloup’s Squeezie vs Tibo Inshape YouTubers Are Not Your Friends video . It’s pretty funny to see the amount of contrary opinions following Stan’s conclusions! You compare what is not comparable. You are so sided with Tibo… How sad . And yet, it’s almost inevitable when your content is polarizing. It will eventually attract trolls. It’s even a good thing. Lesson 7 Content recycling is an underrated practice I more than tripled my traffic from Google between June 2018 and June 2019.

Libya Email List
Libya Email List

What explains this?

Still, I didn’t produce more content! As of June 2018, I had around 50 posts on my blog. Today, I have 87. So I produced less content than the first year and my traffic from Google more than tripled. This time, I was more strategic and I targeted keywords that generate organic traffic like Instagram bio, Instagram stories, Facebook live, etc. But that’s not all … I mostly reused, updated or recycled some of my blog posts. You should know that Google loves new and up-to-date content. For example, my Facebook pixel guide was already at the top of Google’s 1st page last year. It probably wouldn’t have stayed for another year if I hadn’t updated it! Yet most content creators forget that the content they created months ago is not dead! On the contrary, by updating them, we make sure that they do not waste away.

In addition, generally, it allows you to maintain your positions on Google. If you find it hard to believe me, believe the results of this content marketing study by Neil Patel instead . In total, his team surveyed 183 companies that do content marketing and generate at least $ 5 million in revenue. Read this graph carefully. On this graph, we see that updating the content allows these companies to gain more traffic than increasing the frequency of publication blog more !! Yes, you read that correctly, working less gives you more results . What about social networks? On social networks, the situation is different when it comes to content recycling. Social networks are flow platforms . The contents have a limited lifespan generally one or more days depending on the platform. Every day, new content is produced and distributed on these platforms.

You to maintain your positions on Google

Once shared, this content is no longer as valuable. Few people will have fun consulting them again. It’s quite different from organic traffic to Google or YouTube. The good news is, you can skillfully reuse content that you posted several months ago and repost it. It’s up to you to see if you want to make any changes to this content, update the text or image, etc. In fact, last week, I shared a video on Instagram on Instagram’s algorithm. The video received a lot of views and yet it was definitely a video I created over a year ago! Don’t abuse content recycling. Update content and repost only posts that have been successful or are already receiving organic traffic on Google. No one will ever blame you for reposting content that is not completely new.

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