In the first working days of the new year, we are informing our social media marketers about 10 things to include in our social media marketing content plan. We have also included a template for our Social Media Marketing Content Plan for our social media marketing planners . Here is an article on why the 10 items in this template should be included in the India Phone Number List content plan. 1. Marketing content plan: Date and time of content publication You need to figure out what time of the week and at what time your content will be published, depending on the pace of your user’s life. For example, on weekdays, people can access information posted on the website during lunch or 2-3 hours after work. On weekends, however, if you broadcast your content during special TV shows and popular movies, you may lose access.

Marketing Content Plan Date and Time of Content Publication

Marketing Content Plan: Purpose Each content should have its own purpose. The goal, of course , should depend on what stage of your customer’s PERSONA purchase path you are in. In other words, how does the content you prepare relate to the products and services you offer, what does the user understand when you receive this content, and what kind of India Phone Number response do you expect from the people who read this content? need to know. Your content users need to have a different purpose in their purchasing path, depending on what stage of the Attention, Awareness, or Decision they are making.

Marketing Content Plan Purpose Each Content

India Phone Number List
India Phone Number List

Content title The title acts as a guide. In other words, whether users continue to read your content depends on the first title. A good title not only outlines the overall content of the content, but also attracts attention and stimulates the desire to continue reading. You also need to speak the language of your users when choosing a title. This way, using the words they use the most or showing that you are related to them will make it easier for them to find you.  Channel Where your customer is, you need to be there. If you run an online store or travel business, Instagram and Pinterest are the channels that can best showcase your products and services.

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