I also hosted ten Facebook Live shows and participated in ten podcasts as well. And the results? I see 2! 1 – An authority perceived on the rise people see me as an expert 2 – A continuous flow of requests for my online training and services Needless to say, I’m not the same person I was 2 years ago. Producing content has changed me. On the one hand, the content allowed me to gain self-confidence to the point of offering my services to companies as an independent consultant. On the other hand, I got to know myself better. I realized that my weird personality was more of an asset than a weakness and I learned to use it. Believe me. The more I talk to the people who consume my content, the more I understand that most don’t just follow me for my ideas advice.

They follow me because they appreciate my personality and my authenticity that I transmit in all my content. After 2 years of content creation, I feel like it’s time to share 7 new lessons I’ve learned and what you can take away from them. I had previously published such an article where I shared 10 lessons learned after a year of blogging . This time around, I do it again with other lessons related to Guadeloupe Email List content creation not just blogging. Hope this will be useful to you  Lesson 1 Quickly identify its pillar content and stick to it Any content creator will tell you that. You need to produce quality content regularly on the same platform. They don’t always tell you that this content should preferably be indexable .

Guadeloupe Email List
Guadeloupe Email List

The content allowed me to gain self-confidence

Indexable content is content that users can discover by searching for several months or years after the content has been created. This is of course the case on Google, YouTube or even Apple Podcasts. On Apple Podcasts, you won’t necessarily go to an episode by searching, but rather to the creator’s podcast if it’s popular with other listeners. So I come to the 3 major content formats Text blog Video Audio podcast Note Live shows on social media are not included because they are NOT indexable and end up dying a few days later. You have to make the choice to produce one of these 3 content formats and stick to it. Based on your target audience where do they consume their content most often?

Your affinities what are you naturally good at and what format of content would you really like to produce? Note that I haven’t mentioned Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn yet. Right now, I’m just talking to you about producing pillar content on a platform and sticking to it. As you know, I have been producing my pillar content on my blog for 2 years and it has worked really well. Whatever we say, digital professionals always get a lot of information on blogs and good news, I’m good at writing! Others post their pillar content on YouTube and they are right! Vanessa Edwards publishes videos on human behavior, management, human relations and everything related to interpersonal communication. I have no doubt that his audience rather frequents YouTube to find out about it. From listening to a few of these videos, I quickly noticed that Vanessa has a natural talent for video.

The content has been created

Then there is Alexis Minchella who is the host of the Tribu Indé podcast, a podcast that talks about the reality of freelancing and side projects , through interviews. From participating in her podcast, I noticed right away that Alexis is empathetic and this quality helps her ask the right questions of the people they interview. In addition, freelancers like to listen to audio interviews in order to be inspired. It is well known. The result ? Exciting interviews and thousands of listenings on his young podcast. With these examples, I wanted to show you that the best way to find your ‘mainstay’ content is to first understand where your target audience likes to consume their content the most. Ideally, you should produce the content format that best matches your strengths and affinities.

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