Click on edit and simply activate the feature by checking the box. Then, all you have to do is target your next posts. If you’re not convinced, think back to Facebook advertising which allows you to very narrowly target a group of people in Facebook or Instagram. Only you have to pay to take advantage of this targeting. Here it is free. This feature becomes really useful when you have a lot of fans because your fans are not all the same and they do not all have the same interests. I give you an example. You sell clothes for men and women. Obviously, women are less likely to like or click on a photo that shows a men’s shirt, and vice versa. If you post a Facebook post that is only relevant to men, you make sure that only men will actually see that post in their feed.

This reasoning also applies if you have international fans. English speakers will not react to posts written in French, so you might as well NOT show them your posts written in French. Remember that if you are in this case large number of fans and high disparity between them, you will naturally increase your chances of obtaining engagement on your publications since they are targeted. The Congo Email List segmentation options that Facebook offers you are quite interesting Age Sex Region Relationship Status Language Level of education Hobbies On this last point, it is certain that a lifestyle blog that deals with several subjects travel, food, relationships, fashion, etc. would have everything to gain from adapting the targeting of its organic publications. For example, by targeting only people who are interested in vegan diets, when a new article on the subject is shared on the Page.

Congo Email List
Congo Email List

You sell clothes for men and women

Post a job offer Facebook would very much like you to publish your vacancies directly on Facebook as well. It’s entirely possible. Just click on the Jobs icon where you usually write your posts. The job offer will be visible on your Facebook Page and via the Job offers tab which will be added to your Page. After clicking on the button, you can configure the job posting as you see fit. You see that you can add as many details as you want such as a shorter or shorter description of your ad, a salary range and questions to ask candidates. Then you can personalize your offer by adding a photo. You also see that you can boost the job offer to give it more visibility. Of course, this service is not free, but it does allow you to use the incredible targeting capabilities of Facebook advertising .

For example, you can target Facebook users according to Their age and gender Their location Their affinities areas of interest Their training course Their sector of activity To learn more about the socio-demographic targeting of Facebook advertising, I invite you to read this article on my blog . Once published, your job posting will be visible for free on the Facebook classifieds site , in addition to other job offers posted by other companies. Finally, you can always modify your job offer or close it as soon as you have enough candidates. 4 Activate appointment booking directly on Facebook You are going to love this feature because it is brand new! Recently, Facebook has offered the possibility to Facebook Pages to configure an appointment booking system fully integrated into Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook has offered the possibility

Any user can make an appointment with your business, without even leaving Facebook. To activate the appointment setting, all you have to do is modify the call to action button on your Page and choose the Book button. Click on Next and then on Go to Facebook. Facebook should then offer to set up your free scheduler. The configuration options are quite comprehensive. For example, you can synchronize your Google calendar with the Facebook calendar . There is also the possibility to choose the hours and days during which you are available for appointments, as well as the duration of an appointment. Once activated, users will be able to make an appointment by clicking on Book and then choose a date for the appointment. This feature has a lot of potential! If you activate it, you will see that you will have unqualified meeting requests, but you can still decline them.

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