In this video,wants to give you hope and courage by showing you that Sabri made it with “just $ 50 in his pocket and a computer his partner gave him.” I also liked that this video is polarizing on various points, in particular the target customer: it tells you for WHO this program is made, and for whom it is not. 4) The thank you or welcome video At first glance, you might think that thank you or welcome videos are less important than sales or branding videos. On the contrary. I firmly believe this is one of the best impressions you can give to your customers, fans and readers. This video is not only intended to welcome the person or to thank them, it is also intended to accompany them, whether it is to better identify the solutions that you offer or to make the most of their purchase.

Give you an example, I planned to embed a thank you video on my site as soon as someone subscribes to Sudan Email List my Newsletter or downloads one of my guides . In this video, I thank the person and I am presenting my content, my agency and my online training. You have understood it, I do not only want to generate confidence, but also to direct the person towards the solution most adapted to his needs. I know some people will only want to educate themselves about digital marketing on my blog, but I also know that entrepreneurs and marketers sign up for my newsletter every day. So, why not also tell them that my agency.

Sudan Email List
Sudan Email List

Them optimize their Facebook advertising campaigns ?

I have also planned welcome videos as soon as someone joins one of my online courses. The goal ? Always the same. Thank this person and reassure them. Recall the training objectives. And above all: guide her so that she can get the best out of the training and not “forget” that support is included in addition to the training videos. I have completed my self-promotion! I just wanted to show you how important these videos are to me, and that’s actually why I ranked them at the top of the list of videos to shoot this year. 5) The educational / informative video Educational or informative videos educate your audience. They help them identify, understand and solve their problems. Whether you are in B2C or B2B, you can NOT afford not to educate your audience.

This is what I do with my blog showing you how Facebook advertising works and how to communicate on social media . The reason I’m so good at helping you with my content is because I’ve asked myself the same questions you have about Facebook advertising and social media at one point or another. In short, I have a good knowledge of my personas (the different “profiles” with whom I want to work). Getting back to the video, I’m sure you also watch some tutorials and informative videos on YouTube. I just found one for you on men’s fashion (B2C). And here’s another one on digital marketing (more B2B oriented). On YouTube, there are both B2C and B2B marketers. So you have no excuses for creating video content.

Facebook advertising works

The advantage is that you will be able to reuse the educational videos you share on YouTube and publish them on different social platforms. This way you reach your audience where they are and maximize your chances of being seen! 6) Live video Today it is almost essential to make live videos. Your audience expects more authentic and engaging content from you . This is precisely the essence of live video. Making a live video is an opportunity to: Show an event that you attend and that your fans do not necessarily have access to (ex .: fashion show, conference, etc.) Do a question and answer session Start a weekly show Interview an expert or influencer that your audience admires Plus, you don’t even have the excuse of video editing to get started! Live video doesn’t require you to edit your videos.

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