In fact, it’s even essential when developing your digital strategy and I’ll show you how. On the Internet, you can find out all about what your competition is doing. This is good news and bad news because your competition can do the same thing as you. In addition, there are many competitive analysis tools (free and paid) to do a competitive analysis. To begin your analysis, list 3 to 5 direct competitors that you want to observe and who serve the customers you want to target (that goes without saying!). Be careful to select competitors with different “levels”: Close to yours At a higher stage, but achievable The stars of your market In my case, I observed the sites of competitors with a business similar to mine, or even a little more mature, and real stars of the industry like Neil Patel or Amy Porterfield .

In this article, I will not be able to go into details on competitive analysis, but simply give you a series of competitive analysis methods and the corresponding tools. Observe their SEO strategy First, I advise you to Pakistan Email List find out if your competitors are present on Google and on which keywords they are positioned. After all, there are over 6.9 billion queries made on Google every day . Just that. The purpose of this analysis is to find out where their customers are coming from on Google? What keywords are they looking for and then go to your competitor’s site? Just type in your competitor’s domain name on Ubersuggest or SEMrush … and watch. The information you are going to find is incredible.

Pakistan Email List
Pakistan Email List

This is good news and bad news because

You will be able to easily observe the pages that generate traffic on their website and above all, the keywords on which these pages are positioned. It’s a gold mine of information. You can do this work for all of your competitors and analyze the results for different countries or regions. Do not forget. Competitive analysis allows you to discover: What works for your competitors … you’re going to have to do a lot better than them (in the case of SEO, I’m talking about writing content that better responds to SEO queries that lead to that content) Opportunities not seized by your competitors… You just have to seize them before them! Observe their content strategy Do your competition publish blog posts, podcasts, or videos?

What subjects do they address on these different media? If your competitors write blog posts, Ubersuggest lets you see their “Top Pages” On social media, you can also find out how your competition is communicating. Take the case of an e-commerce site. Do the brands you compete with compete? If so, what type (s) of competition? And with who ? How do they collaborate with bloggers or influencers? Are they doing special promotions for their fans? What does their Instagram feed look like? How are their products promoted? What types of Instagram Stories do they make? Simply answering these questions will help guide your social media content strategy. Analyze their advertising strategy Do you also advertise… and don’t know where to start? Facebook lets you know EVERYTHING about your competitors’ ads: What types of advertisements do they do?

Do your competition publish blog posts, podcasts, or videos?

What do they look like? How long have your competitors been advertising? Where do they advertise in the Facebook app network? What offers do they put forward? To find out this information, simply go to the Facebook ad library and search for your competitors’ Facebook Page. You will be able to observe all of their active advertisements … Take screenshots. Take notes and you can find out a lot about their Facebook advertising strategy . ( Read this my blog post to find out how to use Facebook’s ad library to effectively observe your competition’s ads.) SEMrush also allows you to observe your competitors’ active ads on Google (but it’s a paid service)! Observe their email marketing strategy So far, I’ve shown you how to analyze the tip of the iceberg: Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.

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