The seat that is available at Red Bull could be filled by Spaniard Carlos Sainz Jr. who is currently without a place in a team; however. various press reports indicate that there are multiple options for the pitolo. In turn. the most latent option would be Frenchman Pierre Gasly who is currently at Toro Rosso. a subsidiary of the Swiss team. For his part. the Mexican driver of Force India . Sergio “Checo” Pérez is another of those who are not sure of their continuity for the remainder of the current season. derived from the legal action that he undertook against Force India to safeguard hundreds of jobs. In turn. at Force India. everything points to the fact that the father of Lace Stroll (Williams driver) bought the team. in such a way that the seats in the team would be complete.

However. Pérez’s legal action was well seen by Mercedes. since this prevented him from losing millions of dollars as it was the firm that provided engines to Chile whatsapp number list Force India. so the possible arrival of Stroll would leave open a possibility in Williams that could well be occupied by “Checo”. Meanwhile. in the absence of announcing who will be the driver who will fill the gap in Red Bull. in the two teams that are fighting for the drivers’ and constructors’ championship (Ferrari and Mercedes) everything seems to be calm. for now. since for 2019 rumors once again of the departure of the Finnish Kimi Räikkönen . something that would generate movements. but on a smaller scale.

Both Teams And Drivers Serve

This is how the summer break is not only interesting for the drivers and teams. but also for the fans. who will follow the driver of their choice in their new team or welcome one of them in the team they follow; however. for advertising. these moments represent tension since the arrival of a team or driver may overlap or hinder the operation. Although Qatar’s bid committee has already been cleared of corruption after a two-year investigation commissioned by FIFA. the body could be forced to launch a new investigation if the new information proves credible. A report by the British newspaper The Sunday Times indicated that the group that successfully nominated Qatar as the host country for the 2022 World Cup organized a secret campaign to sabotage the proposals of other competing nations.

Chile whatsapp number list

Although Qatar ‘s bidding committee has already been. Cleared of corruption after a two-year investigation commissioned by FIFA . the body may be forced to launch a new investigation if the new information proves credible. the report said. BBC said . This indicates that Qatar’s designation could be at risk. The British outlet maintains that it saw leaked documents showing how the. Qatari committee hired a. US public relations firm as well as former CIA agents to smear its rivals.

In Underprivileged Countries

Similarly a group of physical education teachers. Their representatives in Congress to oppose the World. Among others. After the surprising result in the election. Of the host country for the incoming fair. The country has faced questions about how it had achieved it. Its realization during the last months of 2022. as well as the human cost of building the required infrastructure. This Sunday the Hungarian. The purported purpose was to generate negative propaganda to give the impression that a. World Cup would not be internally supported. Tournament organizers in the Middle East denied the allegations.

In turn. the claim for the debt forces the team to. Go into bankruptcy proceedings for an eventual sale. Which would save the firm from bankruptcy.  Pointed out “Checo” Pérez. Likewise. the number one driver of. Force India said that he was very sorry to have to claim the money owed. Which puts the team in bankruptcy proceedings. While insisting that it is not a personal situation. According to the Reuters agency. The runner told the press that he had a very hard month. Both emotionally and mentally and that as a result his performance.

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