Concentrate on the exclusivity of the deals (rarity). Remember that these are promotions that you do once a year (rarity) and which only last for a very short time (emergency). It’s up to you whether you want to focus your communication on savings or the holiday season, as we saw in the previous examples. Now let’s move on to emailing, which will probably give you the best returns on your investment. After all, these are your customers or at least your newsletter subscribers. You have already earned the trust of these people. I do not intend to go into details, but I think you have understood the principle. Prepare your emails in advance and be careful to send them at the right time (not too early or too late…).

The rest of the payment is quite simple. MVMT only asks me for what is strictly necessary and you notice that the payment process is separated into different stages to give this impression of lightness. As much as possible, you should optimize your payment process like the Venezuela Email List one I have shown you to have as few abandonments as possible at this crucial stage. 6) Launch your campaigns on the big day When you think about it, it’s the preparation for Black Friday that takes the most time. On Black Friday, it’s just a matter of launching your advertising campaigns (already planned and active) and sending your emails. That is just about everything. Obviously, if you’re like me, you’ll be monitoring sales every 2-3 hours in your campaign manager.

Venezuela Email List
Venezuela Email List

Business Manager crashed during

I like to see the Business Manager as a real project management tool in which are all the resources that Facebook makes available to companies. All in one place. This tool is aimed at small structures, SMEs as well as agencies! Used properly , it helps to be better organized and to save a lot of time. Unfortunately, the Business Manager is seen as a complex tool. The reality is that it simplifies collaboration between different people and the use of different resources (Facebook Pages, ad accounts, Facebook pixels ) within the same company / agency. Let’s take an example. You create a Facebook Page with your personal Facebook profile and start advertising. You therefore create an advertising account which will also be linked to your Facebook profile. You can share these 2 resources with other people (employees or partners), but it can quickly become complex.

So, we’ll start by adding your Facebook Page because it’s very likely that you have one. If not, I will show you how to create it directly from the Business Manager. On the Home Page of your Business Manager, click on “Add a Page”. If you already have a Facebook Page and it belongs to you, click on the button. If you don’t have a Facebook Page yet, click on the “Create a Page” button and create your Page ! For the sake of this example, I’m going to assume that you already have a Facebook Page. So I’m going to click on the “Add a Page” button. Facebook will then suggest that I search for my Page … I select the Page of my Japanese restaurant and I click on the “Add a Page” button! There you go, my Facebook page is now attached to my Business Manager.

Create an account and configure

The procedure for adding an advertising account to a Business Manager is quite similar to that for adding a Facebook Page, but with a few nuances. First, what is an advertising account? An advertising account allows you to advertise Facebook. To pay Facebook and receive invoices, you must have an advertising account. This is why you will never be able to advertise with your Facebook Page. Moreover, an advertising account is absolutely NOT linked to a Facebook Page. It can only be linked to a personal profile or a Business Manager. As there is a good chance that it is already linked to your Facebook profile (I was too), I will show you how to link it to your Business Manager (your new professional account). As for adding a Page, this time click on the blue button “Add an advertising account”.

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