We will see that this is not ideal in some cases, but still this method has many advantages. If you’re just starting out, there’s no better introduction to Facebook advertising than post boosts. In fact, by using the “boost publication” feature, you will learn how to use some of the targeting options of Facebook advertising such as socio-demographic and interest-based targeting (we will come back to this later in this article). I therefore suggest that you start with my objective opinion (for / against) on publication boosts. Is it really effective? Should we press this button? Then, I will present you 2 methods (one being better than the other) to boost your Facebook posts in 7 steps and the mistakes to avoid. Should you boost a Facebook post? Advantages and disadvantages The answer is YES, but …

First, what really happens when you hit the “boost post” button? When you press this button, you are creating an advertisement from a post on your Facebook Page. You define a budget, one or more advertising locations (Facebook, Instagram or Messenger), a calendar and an audience. Your “boosted” post is displayed in the Facebook, Instagram or Messenger news feeds for the Serbia Consumer Email List duration of your promotion. It’s that simple. This ad helps increase the number of people you can reach with a post on your Facebook Page. In more “marketing” terms, you increase the potential coverage of your publication. And we know how low the organic reach of Facebook posts is today . For this sponsored post, reactions, comments and shares will accumulate on the post.

Serbia Consumer Email List
Serbia Consumer Email List

Facebook advertising than post boosts

In other words, the more people you reach, the more your post will receive social validation (reactions, comments, shares) from Facebook users. In some cases, it makes sense to increase social proof on your ad. In others, it’s purely and simply an ego game (who will get the most likes on their post?). This still does not answer the question: should we boost a Facebook post? I’m coming. Let’s talk about the benefits first. The benefits of boosting a Facebook post It’s a quick and easy way to advertise Facebook. Indeed, the process is simplified to the extreme to allow anyone to sponsor their post (give money to Facebook) in just a few minutes. Boosting a post is also a good way to start Facebook advertising.

The Facebook Ads Manager remains a complex and not very intuitive interface for anyone who is new to it. Finally, sponsoring a Facebook post is useful if you want to gain visibility and generate interactions on a post that has been performing well. Boosting a post rarely makes it possible to magically give success to a post that was not liked naturally (without paying) by Facebook users (for whatever reason). This simplicity of implementation unfortunately has drawbacks . The disadvantages of boosting a Facebook post The ease of use of the “boost post” button even becomes a disadvantage if you are more advanced because your ad configuration options are more limited. The targeting possibilities are more limited (yes, there are others in Ads Manager). For example, you can’t create a retargeting audience.

The more people you reach

You can only use a custom audience that has been previously created in the Facebook Ads Manager. The options for choosing investments are more limited. You only have access to Facebook and Instagram news feeds as well as the Messenger inbox. That’s not much when you know that the Ads Manager offers up to 18 ad placements. The biggest drawback of the “boost post” button is the fact that you CANNOT create a direct response ad (not visible on your Page) and optimize it with A / B testing. You realize that this is a problem if you have a clear and measurable business objective. Here is an example : You cannot create an advertisement of this kind from your Facebook Page, let alone with the “boost publication” button.

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