The importance of monitoring keyword search rankings is only growing, so more and more people are asking the inevitable question: how can I do it? Because so many people want to monitor keyword search rankings, many different tools Switzerland Phone Number have surfaced over the past few years. While it’s good to have choices, it can be overwhelming for those new to keyword search rankings.  free tools as good as paid tools? Are the results 100% accurate? Are some tools easier to use than others? Finding the answers to these questions isn’t too difficult once you really understand what it means to monitor keyword search rankings. For those unfamiliar, a keyword ranking tool will help you understand where you rank on a SERP for a specific keyword.

Search Rank Monitoring

There are paid and free tools that can help you monitor the position of your keywords. Depending on the granularity you want to achieve, free tools sometimes work just as well as paid tools. Although they don’t have as many features, they are generally easy to use and can provide you with the information you need. Free monitoring tools: Rank Checker by Seabrook – This tool comes from Seabrook and is one of the most popular free tools for keyword monitoring. This is a Firefox (and only Firefox) extension that lets you see your rankings for Yahoo and Bing as well as Google.

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You can add up to 100 keywords and easily export them to really analyze the results. Rank Checker-637×409 For companies with a bit of room in the SEO budget, paying for a tool to help monitor your keyword rankings is an option. Paid tools usually have more advanced features and customer service if you have any questions. Here is an example of some paid tools: Get Stat – With Get Stat you can access unlimited daily rank tracking. According to their site, you can track as many keywords as you want, each day. And you only pay for what you need. As a result, you can stay on top of Google’s algorithm changes instead of playing endless defense.

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