The Davis Cup will be redefined with a season-ending tournament in which 18 teams will compete starting next year. According to the event’s organizers. the new format replaces the current one in which Davis is played over four weekends during the year. As a result. the “maximum team event” of tennis lost its shine because the stars and elite players of the “white sport” usually ignore the tournament due to their busy schedules. The changes were approved on Thursday after a vote by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) during a conference in Orlando. Florida. Starting in 2019. 24 countries will compete during February in a home or away knockout stage. The 12 winners will advance to the final tournament. There will be added the four semifinalists from last year. in addition to two teams with an invitation.

The first championship will be held between November 18 and 24 in either Madrid or Lille. France. According to sports analysts. the Davis Cup has long ceased to be an interesting competition. since the professionalism Cameroon whatsapp number list the sport has spread and has remained only an achievement in history. but not a goal in itself. The Davis Cup. like all sports today. is largely supported by sponsorships from the federations. as companies like Mapfre basically pay to have visibility in this competition. The International Tennis Federation has strict television regulations that require full broadcasts of the matches. thinking mainly of those sponsors who. of course. cannot compete with their own. The players. who in tennis work well as a team no matter how individual the sport is. have been calling for changes for years. After the 2018 World Cup in Russia .

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FIFA updated its list of national teams affiliated with the organizing body. where there were great surprises. in few positive cases. while large national teams suddenly fell in the ranking. The current world champion. France . leads the ranking for the first time since 2002. according to FIFA. the French team rose six places in relation to the last update (prior to the World Cup); for its part. Belgium is positioned in second place. as a result of its good participation in the fair; Brazil . despite being eliminated in the quarter-finals. finished in third place. making it the disappointing World Cup team that suffered the least impact. For its part. Croatia . finalist of the contest. registered a significant rise by climbing 16 positions and seeding in fourth place.

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Uruguay finishes the top 5 and is the second team from the continent that is part of the 10 national teams. England. Portugal. Switzerland. Spain and Denmark complete the top 10; while Russia. the host country of the last World Cup. advanced 21 positions to 49th place. In turn. the national teams that suffered negative impacts on their reputation were Argentina . who dropped out of the top 10 by falling to eleventh place. six places below the last ranking. In the case of Germany . their drop of 16 places meant that the Teutonic squad was in 15th place in the ranking. one place above Mexico . Another of the great powers of world soccer. Italy . which did not qualify for the World Cup. is in seat 22; Chile . another selection that did not participate in the tournament. is in 12th place.

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Losing or gaining reputation in the case of national teams means money. and being placed in a higher place generates value when agreeing on friendly matches. At the same time. it favors commercial agreements and even increases the reputation of brands related to the team. While. in the opposite case. falling in the FIFA ranking. Gives a feeling of disrepute in the supporters of the national teams. Fuels criticism from the press and tenses the sports processes as well as the decisions regarding the themselves. Lorena Ramírez made the leap to fame after a. Viral photo in which she wears her typical clothing as well as the use of huaraches on a podium after obtaining the first places in an ultramarathon The 23-year-old Rarámuri runner. Lorena Ramírez . became one of the Victoria beer brand ambassadors as part of her “Bronze Race” campaign. in which she recognizes the ethnic variety.

that exists in the country. as well as the nuances of their miscegenation. In addition to the ultramarathoner. other flag bearers are Macedonia Blas. Aczino. Arly Velásquez. Jhony Corzo. Pamela Tajonar and the UNAM Petrobowl team . A year ago. 2017. Ramírez would make national and international news. After becoming the first indigenous woman in the country. To participate in the. Cajamar Tenerife Bluetrail European ultramarathon. in Spain; her in said participation she would abandon the race after more than 60 kilometers. One edition later. he would finish in third place; a photograph of her on the podium of the Cerro Rojo ultramarathon in Tlatlauquitepec .

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