Google and other less relevant search engines. and why Google? Simply because this search engine takes more than 93% of the slice of the search engine market cake. followed by Bing with 4%. and others that are better off not even spending characters. If you want to know a little more. SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization and consists of following practices so that the content of your website gains visibility organically (naturally. without paying Google). before a specific query from the user. In short. if your brand appears among the first places. it will increase the traffic to your site and. therefore. you will have more prospects for clients and sales.

How to discover a real SEO expert Let’s go to the most substantial part of the note. how to discover a true SEO expert so that you don’t let yourself be sold? In my experience. the first thing you should ask an SEO is the Egypt whatsapp number list following: How much and what experience do you have positioning websites? This is vital. you cannot leave the showcase of your digital business to someone inexperienced or who has little experience in organic positioning. This leads us to the second condition: An SEO expert presents you with success stories When offering his services. the specialist must show you what victories worth telling he has achieved.

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Run away from the expert who assures you to be in the number 1 organic position in the short term . Many people who are unaware of SEO aspects easily fall into the seduction of being first quickly. however. this organic positioning technique has its real results in the medium and more solidly in the long term. The SEO expert has a multidisciplinary vision . It is characterized by seeing the panorama from various angles: technical SEO (basic knowledge of programming). digital marketing. content creation. link building. writing. etc. It is recommended that you have sufficient knowledge of all of them to achieve good results.

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The SEO specialist is realistic and analytical It is realistic in telling you how long it may take to rank. depending on the niche and your competition. To do this. you must know how to analyze the data beforehand and transform those numbers into opportunities for your business. It must be remembered that an important objective is to obtain customer prospects. SEO reports . An expert should present you with reports of the service that he will provide you. For example. if you have a chocolate company. Or another type of product. You will have to know how SEO behavior is going. what people are entering your website.

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what its flow is of navigation. to know how much it influences your sales. As a customer Google recommends you Commit to implementing the changes recommended by the specialist. To make the changes advised by an SEO expert. it takes time and effort; If you don’t intend to spend the time to implement them. it’s not worth hiring an expert. Your SEO expert should ask you these questions. What makes your business valuable to customers. what sets you apart from the rest. How does your business generate revenue. And how can search results help you? Beware of penalties! There is everything in this vineyard of the Lord! Some unethical

SEO experts have harmed the industry with aggressive or fraudulent strategies of illicitly manipulating search engine results. This can cause Google to remove your website from the indexes and there you will be truly buried. Therefore. take into account the following: • An illicit practice is to place. Pages full of keywords somewhere on your website. The so-called SEO expert promises that this process will get your page more queries. This is completely untrue. as according to Google individual pages are rarely relevant for a wide range of keywords. Another practice that Google penalizes is link farms and purchased links. A link farm is a domain or website.

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