Make a minimum of changes to your campaigns (unfortunately, this is the most difficult advice to apply because the simple fact of adding an advertisement in a set of advertisements resets the learning phase) In this example we are investing a budget of $ 200 on this campaign and you can see that I only have 2 active ad sets (audiences). You can see that I got out of the learning phase for one of the two ad sets because I hit a high enough number of conversions over a 7 day period. For the other set of ads, I am still in the learning phase and it is therefore best that I wait at least 7 days before drawing any conclusions (since a conversion should cost me between 10 and 15 €).

Perhaps the costs will be too high after this period and you will have to test a new audience or new ads. Conclusion I could give you dozens of tips on the technical side of launching Facebook advertising campaigns. As I told you at the Finland Email List beginning of this article, understanding the technical workings of Facebook Ads Manager doesn’t guarantee you success. I wanted to bring that out in this article. You have to appeal to the deepest feelings and desires of your audience. To do this, you need to know the people you are talking to well. Next, you need to think about the offers you are going to offer at each stage of the customer journey. Don’t limit yourself to just one offer! Depending on how familiar your audience is with your brand and your product / service, the offers you are going to offer will be different.

Finland Email List
Finland Email List

The learning phase for one

After you’ve done all of that, don’t forget to “disguise” your advertising, engage your customers, and build a strong brand over the long haul. I hope this will help you. If you really want to better master the technical and strategic aspect of Facebook advertising (especially the last bonus point of this article), I already invite you to join the waiting list of Facebook Ads Academy 2.0 , my advanced training on advertising Facebook completely revised and updated, which will open at the beginning of this May. For a whole week, I will email you exclusive advice on Facebook advertising and I will also organize a web conference specifically dedicated to Facebook advertising.You know full well that marketing is a complex subject.

It is not enough to read one or 2 manuals to hope to obtain a well-defined marketing plan adapted to your business (that was precisely the subject of this article ). Today, we are not going to come back to this action plan, but rather to the different strategies (or tactics) that you could employ to develop your notoriety, generate qualified leads for your business and sell your offers. Unfortunately, there are over a thousand and one marketing strategies that you could try out today! Which one should you start with? Don’t panic, I thought of you while preparing this article! Indeed, I thought it would be interesting to have the opinion of twenty experts who work in different areas of digital marketing: social networks, SEO, growth hacking, digital advertising, e-commerce or influencer marketing.

We are not going to come back to this action plan

I wanted to know more about the marketing strategies they employed in the last year that were most effective, whether for their own business or that of their clients. So I asked them the following question: “What is the marketing strategy that has worked best for your business or your clients in the past year?” ” They agreed to play along and share their most successful marketing strategy with you last year. Frankly, I did not expect to receive so many interesting insights to share in one article. Some of the experts have graciously shared their results in numbers and what you can get out of them! I can’t wait for you to start reading this article to decide which marketing strategy (s) you will be testing this year. Before we begin, I would like to thank our 20 experts for agreeing to participate in this article.

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