In fact, I even have proof that this strategy is profitable (financially speaking). Of course, there are other uses for this type of retargeting. You can show your “fans” a new collection, a limited time offer, a new blog post, and more. I can’t tell you in advance if retargeting Facebook or Instagram interactions will work for you because it all depends on your community and the relevance of your Facebook or Instagram posts. Note: You don’t need to install the Facebook pixel to create this type of audience. So you have no excuse not to try this retargeting strategy 6) Retargeting based on video views This is the last retargeting strategy that I will share with you in this article. In my opinion, it is NOT the most effective, but it is also one of the most “low-cost” .

Facebook introduced them in March of 2017 , a few months after the global launch of Instagram Stories (August 2016). At that time, I was already doing Facebook advertising for Ubeeqo and I still remember very well that the only placements available to Saudi Arabia Email List advertisers were (pretty much): Facebook and Instagram news feeds The right column on Facebook The Audience Network And that’s about it ! The inventory available to insert advertising in the Facebook news feed was already almost full (which means that the cost of advertising on this placement could only increase since the supply remained +/- stable). This was far from the case for the Instagram feed, and even today, in Instagram Stories. To give you a rough idea, there are approximately 2 million active advertisers on Instagram (7 million in total on Facebook and other apps).

Saudi Arabia Email List
Saudi Arabia Email List

The best practices for successful Instagram

This advertisement can take the form of a single image, a video or a carousel containing up to 3 images / videos. What makes it different from an organic post? Not much if we count the mention “sponsored” at the top left of the Story. Once it appears, you have the option to quit the ad, go to the next Story, or take an action ( swipe up, share it, or give Facebook quality feedback). You may have noticed that the ad has a bottom center call to action “take advantage of the deal” followed by an arrow that points up. The ability to insert a link in an Instagram Story is normally reserved for Instagram accounts that are verified or have at least 10,000 Instagram followers.

Compatible lenses are: Coverage : reach as many people as possible in an audience Brand awareness: reach people with a greater likelihood of remembering the content of your advertising and thus increase your brand awareness Traffic : send people to your website at the lowest cost Facilities Apps : find people install your app at the lowest cost Video views : show your videos to people who are likely to view them, at the lowest cost Lead generation: generate leads at the lowest cost, and using an integrated form in Facebook / Instagram Conversions : Showing ads that encourage users to take a specific action on your website (e.g. purchase, sign up, etc.) Point of sale visits : attract people to one of your points of sale. If you are having trouble choosing your lens, read point 1 of this my blog post .

Facebook Page settings and directly

Choosing to target a large or small audience depends on many factors that I will not be able to cover in this article. To put it simply, I recommend that you use automated targeting in Facebook ( similar audiences ) to reach people who don’t know you, but might be interested in your business OR do retargeting with personalized audiences (audiences who are you clean). Step 5: Select Appropriate Investments To simplify the explanations, I advise you to choose the option “modify the placements”, uncheck all the placements and keep only the placement “Stories Instagram”. If you want, you can also check Facebook Stories and Messenger as placements, but you will see that Facebook will show very little of your ads on these placements. This is what I observed after launching Stories campaigns on behalf of different companies.

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