I changed my mind ! Today, LinkedIn is THE social platform for which I create my content as a priority. I see more and more consultants, entrepreneurs and professionals also using it to develop their personal brand . And it’s not just a question of branding or personal branding, it’s also a question of visibility. I was telling you that Facebook is ultra-competitive today and that organic reach is almost zero for businesses that aren’t ready to pay. On LinkedIn, it’s the opposite. Organic reach is extremely high , like on Facebook a few years ago. Although it is a platform naturally more focused on B2B commerce, LinkedIn is nonetheless an essential tool to build your reputation on the Internet when you know how difficult finding a job has become today.

It already is and it will be even more so in 5 years! To be visible and sell on the Internet, you could go through old-school methods such as Hire an agency to set up your website Create a Facebook Page and a Twitter account Write blog posts and hope to Russia Phone Number List rank on the search engines Sorry to disappoint you, but you might spend twice as much time on it using these methods. I’m not saying you shouldn’t create your website and Facebook Page. They are both essential. However, Facebook and Google are ultra-competitive. It takes an average of 6 months to a year to rank on the first page of Google results for a keyword.


Organic reach is extremely high

Now let me explain why I truly believe in the power of this platform for years to come. 1 Organic reach on LinkedIn is insanely high I haven’t found any studies to confirm my statements, but I can show you the difference in scope between a post published on my LinkedIn profile and my Facebook Page knowing that I have an equal number of fans connections on the 2 social networks. Last week, I published a very commented article on the possible removal of the likes counter below Instagram posts. The post was viewed over 8,540 times, 141 people responded and 50 people left a comment.

The average organic reach of a Facebook Page is barely 3% , which means that even if you manage to attract 1000 fans to your Page, only a small fraction of them will see your posts if you don’t. not ready to pay. What if you could grow your business faster through digital marketing, without spending more time in it, and without spending more money? It’s totally possible, you just have to go about it differently and use the new marketing opportunities or channels that are on the rise right now. I offer you 3 to test without moderation today! 1 LinkedIn LinkedIn is literally becoming the Facebook of professionals. If you had asked me a year ago, what is THE most important social network for my business, I would have answered you Facebook without a doubt.

Which means that even if you manage

Apple is one of the best examples. The firm knows its clients perfectly and knows exactly how to contact them. The simplicity of his marketing messages, the copywriting of his website and the way he launches his products have also inspired me a lot. I hope you can use it for your marketing strategy too! If we take the year 2014, there were already 2.8 billion users on the Internet which was already significant. And today, how many are there? This may surprise you. Almost 4.4 billion Internet users ! In just 5 years, there have already been more than 1.5 billion new people who connected to the Internet and this number continues to climb. So, are you wondering if digital marketing has already become too competitive?

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