In such a way that given the reputation and image that it generates for itself. it also became a magnet for marketing. in such a way that the alcoholic beverage firm approached Ramírez with the purpose of projecting its campaign “Lo más chingón de Mexico”. accompanied by the slogan in the form of a hashtag #RazaDeBronce. Given the figure of a successful woman in the sports field. who also belongs to an indigenous community in the country. everything would indicate that she is the profile of the ideal brand ambassador for a firm in this sector. however. this is not the case; After adding recognitions. a constant with which Lorena Ramírez is interviewed is the use of footwear or sports products.

In the event that (sponsoring the runner) is achieved. great care must be taken that the strategy manages to connect with consumers in a natural way. since it is a case of success in sport without the items that are Canada whatsapp number list theoretically required. The plane carrying Chapecoense crashed on November 28. 2016 in Colombia. when the team was on its way to play the Copa Sudamericana final against Atlético Nacional de Medellín In recent times. the viral challenges have acquired a high importance derived from the risks that some of them entail. in such a way that the authorities in Mexico as well as in other countries have alerted people who are not part of the trends since In addition to representing a risk for those who carry it out. it can attract criminal consequences.

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The last example of the above is #LaChonaChallenge. The media projection of this event caused celebrities to venture into it. Which was not well received by most Internet users. Its positive consequences. in which they help to consolidate a brand. Whether it is a product. person or company. In 2016. one of the sensation teams of the. Copa Sudamericana was Chapecoense. Who experienced one of its best years as a sports institution; In a year where “surprise” teams (Leicester City) raised titles over powerful teams. The history of the Brazilian team reached international notoriety.

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After eliminating San Lorenzo in the semifinal round. Chapecoense would face Atlético Nacional de Medellín in Colombia in the final as part of the first leg; However. a plane crash caused a misfortune in the field of soccer since. as a result of the accident. 71 people died. many of them were from the Brazilian team. In such a way that. during the days after the accident. the world of soccer came together and different teams used the Chapecoense shield on their clothing as part of a tribute. likewise. as part of the reconstruction of the team. the team played in different parts of the world. one of them in Barcelona. This Saturday. the Brazilian team played a friendly match against Torino from Italy.

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The one who closed the challenge was Jackson Follman. One of the survivors of the air tragedy that occurred in 2016. The rest of the footballers approached him to celebrate. The brand value of this team continues to cause. Expectations since in the collective imagination. Barcelona have completed the signing of Arturo. Vidal from Bayern Munich after agreeing terms of the Chilean midfielder’s contract. The value of the transfer would be around 20 million euros. Ernesto Valverde the Barcelona coach had asked for a seasoned midfielder. With good dynamics and a goal scorer. The leadership did not disappoint: they hired. One of the best with those virtues: the Chilean Arturo Vidal. According to reports. the transfer was for 20 million euros.

The Chilean is 31 years old and would earn 9 million euros. Net for each season of the three for which he signed the contract. Vidal had moved to Germany in 2015 from Juventus in Italy for 37 million euros. The versions about the transfer had already begun last week. when the. Barça to pass his medical exam. Biggest Bundesliga transfers in millions of euros as of February 2018. Vidal’s transfer from Juventus to Bayer Munich was one of the biggest in history. Statistical. Barcelona have already spent more than $130 million this off-season on deals for. French defender Clement Lenglet and Brazilians Arthur and Malcom.

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