As marketers, especially social media marketers, we need to create a variety of interesting content. If you are posting pictures on Facebook , Instagram , or Twitter , and you are generally devoting your time to Japan Phone Number List creating content, you need to know the following concepts first. The JPG , PNG , and GIF images mentioned in the title can be understood as image file extensions or images stored differently depending on their purpose . Images with JPG and JPEG extensions are low-resolution image formats. Ideal for storing photos with JPG and JPEG extensions. A team called Joint Photographic Experts Group developed the image format and named it after their acronym.

Ideal for Storing Photos With Jpg and Jpeg Extensions

PNG images, on the other hand, are no different in quality than JPG images, but they take up more space. Just looking at the acronym and meaning of the word Portable Network Graphics, it is clear that it is an image format suitable for posting on a website . For example, images, logos, text, and graphics can be saved and displayed on websites and social media. Another Japan Phone Number advantage is the choice of the PNG extension to remove the background and save only the image, text and graphics as images. For example, saving a logo usually removes the background and saves it with a PNG extension. A GIF is an animated image that displays multiple images in sequence.

Jpg, Png, Gif Images: How to Prepare

Abbreviation for Graphic Interchange Format. Compared to the above extensions, the quality loss is the highest. Due to the limited number of colors to use in GIFs, only a few colors are visible. But with GIFs, you can make a lot of information interesting. Use GIFs to show multiple series of products at once, prepare tips, and run fun contests. In the following video, you can see the  Japan Phone Number List difference between these image files in a simple way. JPG, PNG, GIF images: How to prepare? When preparing any image file, you should pay attention to the size and quality of the image. Prepare JPG images If you want to create image content with JPG extension, you can use Paint, a drawing program installed on your computer, Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and Corel Draw, an online image file creation website.

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