For example, this ad contains a simple image with superimposed text that provides me with 3 important details about the offer: Sweaters are customizable They are “Made in Italy” At the moment, there are specials up to -30% That’s enough to attract clicks! Now imagine the Story without the text, would you have wanted to click more? Here is another example that I also found relevant. Wix keeps repeating its “Design your own professional website” value proposition on its site and elsewhere . It is therefore coherent to repeat it also in the Stories (sponsored or not). You can also animate the text of your ad to communicate your value proposition and make the first 3 seconds of your Story more eye-catching.

Casetify Instagram Stories Ads Source: Later 4) strategically encourage your audience to take action You know the importance of the call to action in any marketing message. All direct response ads follow this rule: prompt the person to take a Senegal Email List specific action. Even today, few users have the reflex to swipe up to go to a website after seeing a Story. You need to get the person to swipe up, otherwise you risk losing out on conversion opportunities. See, for example, how this ad prompts you to take action. Later also provides several great examples of how to incite action in a Stories ad. You notice that the third example plays on a powerful psychological principle to get you to click: scarcity . Quantity is limited, so if you don’t act now, you might be missing out on a great deal.

Senegal Email List
Senegal Email List

Would you have wanted to click more?

Your logo from the first seconds of your Story Finally, don’t forget to add your brand logo from the first seconds of your Story when possible. Facebook explains this in its Instagram Story Ads documentation as well: “We’ve noticed that the ads that generate the best results usually start with their key message. Showcase your logos or branding elements at the start of your content. ” Unless you are Coca-Cola or Apple, I advise you to follow this advice. What better example than that of Mercedes Benz to illustrate this good practice to you. I loved the way the Story begins. In the first scene (0.5 seconds), the person presses the car start button. The second scene (0.5 seconds) shows the driver’s field of vision.

The third scene (1 second) stealthily shows the Mercedes logo on the front and back of the car. The sequel features the appearance of singer The Weeknd, various shots of the Mercedes (several scenes) and a final call to action to conclude the commercial in style. All in 15 seconds to follow the recommendations of Facebook. Conclusion Instagram Stories are one of the few content formats that allow you to get your audience’s full attention on their phone. Many companies are already using them to engage with their audience, tease, show off behind the scenes, or make time-limited offers. But, few advertisers take the time to do native advertising in Instagram Stories, with a suitable (vertical) format and a structured message with the right codes. In addition, their costs are still very low, and I am not exaggerating in telling you that.

Facebook explains this in its Instagram

Some campaigns that I manage are broadcast exclusively in Instagram Stories and have CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) of around 1 to 2 €. It’s rather rare, even on Facebook! In addition, we have seen in this article that creating a Stories advertising campaign is done quite quickly through the Facebook Ads Manager.Facebook and its advertising platform are attracting envy. More and more entrepreneurs want to get started. Unfortunately, the Facebook Ads Manager (the platform where you create your campaigns) remains a complex and not very intuitive tool. Fortunately, Facebook gives you the opportunity to get started in advertising with the “boost publication” feature, an effective and inexpensive way to give more visibility to the contents of your Facebook Page.

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