Internet video consumption doubles every year , according to YouTube 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product online after seeing a video of that product Video ads now account for over 35% of all online ad spend A third of the time spent online by Internet users is dedicated to watching videos For a long time, I postponed the moment when I was going to launch into video, when I knew full well that video is a more human, interactive, emotional format, easier to consume, etc. In short, everything that blog posts are not. I always found excuses. “I would never have time to train myself in video editing. ” “Making video is going to cost me too much. ” “I’m not good enough at video. I am better at writing. ”

If the results are encouraging, you can always add more budget (Facebook will suggest it to you with the “Boost again” button). 2) Duration Choose at least 2 days. People aren’t necessarily going to respond to your post the first time around. Some need to be exposed to it multiple times before interacting with the post. It’s that simple. Here we have done the hard part. Just a South Africa Email List few clicks and your post will be sponsored and featured by Facebook. Step 6: Validate your promotion (and take out your credit card) This step is crucial. This is when you’re going to pull out your credit card and pay Facebook. First select the advertising account on which you will launch your campaign (if you do not have an advertising account, Facebook should accompany you to create one). Then choose the payment method.

South Africa Email List
South Africa Email List

A third of the time spent online

Follow the exact same procedure as described for the first method. Step 2: Create the campaign and choose the objective Go to access the Facebook Ads Manager. You should arrive on a page that looks like this. Click on the green “Create” button to start creating your campaign. After clicking on this green button, you should arrive on this page. Pick your goal. Most often, when I boost a post, I choose the “Interactions” objective to generate reactions, comments and shares on your post. If you want to get more traffic to your website with a post from your Facebook Page, there’s nothing stopping you from choosing the “Traffic” goal. And if you want to get more views on your videos, choose “Video Views”.

After all, we’re setting up a campaign that aims to boost your top Facebook posts. Why post them on Instagram or Messenger? Step 4: Determine the length of your campaign This step will also be very quick. All you need to do is give your campaign a start date and an end date. If you want the campaign to run continuously, don’t put an end date. You can pause your campaign at any time anyway. Otherwise, put an appropriate end date. Then click on the blue “Continue” button to go to the next step. Step 5: Select a Facebook post We did the hard part! Now we just have to choose your best Facebook post (the one that had an above average engagement rate)! When creating your ad, you should see this page. Check that Facebook has selected your Facebook Page (and not another, if you have more than one).

Start creating your campaign

The guide is available for free on this page if you are interested.The few times I did video, it was live on my Facebook Page. I just recorded with my computer’s built-in camera and used my microphone earphones to get the sound right. But, things are changing. Video marketing is on the rise. Internet users want more video, and it’s up to companies to adapt (if they don’t want to be overtaken by the evolution of digital). By 2021, 82% of global Internet traffic will be represented by video according to Cisco . Currently, video accounts for 75 to 80% of global Internet traffic if we go by Cisco figures. It’s enormous. I have some other interesting statistics for you, all collected by Forbes.

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