Also, if you make mistakes, don’t apologize! Act as if nothing has happened and continue the show . Above all, do not stop the live for a simple mistake. No one will blame you. 9) Make a pre-Live As I told you, no matter what promotion you are going to do before the Live, you will be alone for the first few seconds. So now is not the time to start the show since almost no one is watching you. I therefore advise you to introduce yourself once at the beginning and a few more times in the first few minutes. At minute 1 : “Hello everyone. It’s Danilo, I’m very happy to do this live with you. Today, we are going to talk about the 7 mistakes not to make in Facebook advertising (and how to avoid them).

I know there aren’t many of us yet so I’m going to wait a minute or two while they join us. ” During this time, take the opportunity to share your show everywhere, greet the first arrivals and ask them where they are coming from. . It is for this reason that I advised you to have a second device with you. At minute 2 : “For those who have just arrived, I’m Danilo and today I’m going to Netherlands Email List tell you about the 7 Mistakes not to make in Facebook advertising, one of which I’ve never addressed before. I see that we are more and more, do not hesitate to say hello in the comments! ” You should have a few people present at this time. If not, it’s time to officially start your show. You have no time to waste …

Netherlands Email List
Netherlands Email List

The show since almost no one is watching

At minute 3 : “I see that there are already 10 of us!” We can start the show. For those who are only arriving now, welcome! I’m going to tell you about the 7 mistakes to avoid in Facebook advertising (and how to avoid them). We start with the first… ” You saw that I presented the show several times at the beginning, it’s normal, not everyone arrives at the same time. It is therefore important to continually remind yourself of who you are and what you are going to talk about. If you use an external tool to make your Facebook Live, you can create a scene with a timer that counts down the pre-Live. In this screenshot, you see that Catherine is doing a 10 minute pre-live anyway, regardless of how many people arrive before the show starts.

One last tip : start the show at the right time. If you plan to broadcast live at 2:00 p.m., don’t start at 1:55 p.m. or 2:05 p.m., but at 2:00 p.m. The pre-live can last between 3 and 5 minutes. 10) Encourage your audience to participate in your Facebook Live show One thing all successful Facebook Lives have in common is a high level of interaction between producer (s) and viewers. During my show, I constantly interacted with my audience. It was not uncommon for me to call participants by name when commenting on or joining the show. During the pre-live, I also started conversations with the first arrivals.

For those who are only arriving now

Also, I regularly suggested to my audience to leave a like , ask questions or share the program with expressions like: “If you like this show and would like me to do it more often, share it!” ” “If you have any questions about what Olivier said, don’t hesitate to ask them in comment, we will try to answer them during the Live or at the end. ” “Thank you all for your feedback and comments, you guys are awesome! ” As you probably know, Facebook’s algorithm favors posts that receive a significant number of signals like sincere comments and shares. If your post gets a lot, chances are Facebook will serve it to more people in your audience. Moreover, today, doing a Facebook Live is perhaps the best way to get visibility for free.

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