Choose the button that corresponds to the goal you have set for yourself. If you have any doubts, choose “Learn more”, it’s the easiest and the one that works the best. If your post did not contain a link initially, Facebook will offer to insert a link. Regarding the link to insert, choose a landing page suited to the objective you have set. For example, you’ll insert the URL of your contact page if you want people to contact you after clicking the sponsored post link. Step 4: Define your target audience and ad placements This step is perhaps the most important. You will both select who will see your sponsored post (audience) and where your ads will appear in Facebook ad placements (placements). 1) The audience Even if the “boost publication” function is a bit limited in the targeting options, it is nonetheless comprehensive enough to define an audience.

Throughout the Story, Samsung maintains your focus by bringing up what makes Galaxy A appealing and repeats that same message in different scenes: “Awesome screen” “Awesome camera” “Long lasting battery life” Of course, there are plenty of other ways to Sierra Leone Email List grab attention early on in an ad like: A shocking sentence An offer An intriguing question Unusual images The first 3 seconds of your Story are the most important, so don’t miss out! 3) Get straight to the point and assert your value proposition To bounce back from the speed of consumption of content in Stories, it is natural that I advise you to get straight to the point and assert your value proposition as quickly as possible.

Sierra Leone Email List
Sierra Leone Email List

Facebook will offer to insert a link

Some campaigns that I manage are broadcast exclusively in Instagram Stories and have CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) of around 1 to 2 €. It’s rather rare, even on Facebook! In addition, we have seen in this article that creating a Stories advertising campaign is done quite quickly through the Facebook Ads Manager.Facebook and its advertising platform are attracting envy. More and more entrepreneurs want to get started. Unfortunately, the Facebook Ads Manager (the platform where you create your campaigns) remains a complex and not very intuitive tool. Fortunately, Facebook gives you the opportunity to get started in advertising with the “boost publication” feature, an effective and inexpensive way to give more visibility to the contents of your Facebook Page.

You can only use a custom audience that has been previously created in the Facebook Ads Manager. The options for choosing investments are more limited. You only have access to Facebook and Instagram news feeds as well as the Messenger inbox. That’s not much when you know that the Ads Manager offers up to 18 ad placements. The biggest drawback of the “boost post” button is the fact that you CANNOT create a direct response ad (not visible on your Page) and optimize it with A / B testing. You realize that this is a problem if you have a clear and measurable business objective. Here is an example : You cannot create an advertisement of this kind from your Facebook Page, let alone with the “boost publication” button.

Broadcast exclusively in Instagram Stories

This goal was not available a few months ago and Facebook obviously wants to put it forward. After all, that was a big limitation of the “boost post” button. It was not possible to optimize the delivery of a sponsored post for sale. It is now possible and it is good news for the managers of Facebook Pages who do not (yet) use the Facebook Ads Manager . So which lens should you choose? I can’t make the choice for you! It’s up to you. Often times, I use boosts to maximize interactions on my posts, so I’ll select “generate more reactions, comments and shares”. If my goal was traffic or sales, I would have chosen another goal offered by Facebook like “traffic” or “sales”. Step 3: Choose a call-to-action button When you boost a post, you have the option of inserting a call-to-action button.

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